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Chapter 71: The Immortal Evil Ghost Technique

The crowd was enraged, and their faces were filled with anger.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get the answer they were hoping for.

“Without an Emperor, why not? The Heavenly Star divine dynasty is a sacred land, how is the Heavenly Star City a sacred land?”

In an instant, one could hear a pin drop.

“Emperor, this is your cause! Your legacy!”

Gong Feifan cried out involuntarily.

“It’s still the same thing. So what if you don’t have a Great Emperor or a sacred land?”

“Is the Heavenly Star divine dynasty powerful because of its name? Or do you think that it’s because I exist and that there are many experts?”

“Now that the Hidden Edge Sect has a Great Emperor, they still don’t call themselves a sacred land. You don’t have a Great Emperor, so what if you take away this title?”

“If you really don’t like it, why don’t you just produce an Emperor?”

Yu Tianxing’s series of words rang out.

Everyone was speechless for a moment.

This was also because after her rebirth, her personality had been affected to a certain extent.

If she had been at her peak in her previous life, she would not have bothered to explain these things in detail.

She just randomly stumbled upon it. If she could understand, she would. If she did not, she would bear the consequences.

Now, it was her own hard-earned inheritance, and it still had the blood of so many old acquaintances.

Yu Tianxing’s heart softened for a moment.

Gong Feifan was anxious, but he did not know how to retort.

He never expected his Emperor to have such an attitude.

“Emperor! We’re not doing this for our own situation. We’re doing it for the dignity of the Heavenly Star divine dynasty!”

Someone couldn’t hold it in any longer and spoke first.

“The Great Emperor of the Hidden Edge Sect is so overbearing. Many sacred land factions have produced Great Emperors before, and none of them are weaker than the Hidden Edge Sect. What right does he have?”

“They have a Great Emperor now. Isn’t that enough?”

That person immediately choked.

They realised the situation at hand.

It was as if no matter what they said, they could be stopped by this reason.

The Hidden Edge faction was overbearing? They had an Emperor.

The sacred land had also produced an Emperor? But the Hidden Edge Sect had an existing Emperor.

They had an Emperor weapon against them?

But they had an existing Emperor, an Emperor who could fully display the power of an Emperor weapon.

For a moment, they were speechless.

“If you don’t accept it, become an Emperor yourself. Otherwise, you have to accept the loss.”

Yu Tianxing said one last sentence, closing the discussion.

Yu Tianxing did not want to say anymore, so she changed the topic.

As time passed, she discovered a serious problem through the Heavenly Star Seal.

The people who revealed the aura of death seemed to be cultivating t

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