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The other dozen or so Pulse Realm cultivators all expressed the same attitude.

Then Zhang Shao said, “Since that’s the case, I will not come, but I still have to follow your instructions. I will go down the mountain immediately and post this matter at the city gate.”

“Yeah, I will not come either,” Xu Lin echoed.

“Right, right, right. It’s so early, who is willing to come!”The other Pulse-level cultivators immediately agreed.

The Pulse-level cultivator with the Li surname nodded. “That’s right, it’s better to cultivate at home.”

… In Xiang Jiawan, a few qi-storage realm cultivators were practicing martial arts, and a peak-stage qi-storage realm cultivator was instructing them.

“Grandpa, dad, big brother, good news, good news.” A seventeen or eighteen-year-old adolescent ran over from afar.

The cultivator at the peak of the qi-storing realm said with a cold face, “Xiang Cai, where is the steadiness and calmness that I taught you?”

Xiang Cai ran in front of Xiang Ming, panting.

He said, “Dad, this is really good news. There is a notice posted at the city gate.”

“It says that at midnight tomorrow, on the top of Plum Creek Mountain, there is a senior who is publicly teaching the Daoist method.”

“Maybe he will talk about the methods of the Pulse Realm. You don’t have to save up so much money to buy pills and still not dare to break through.”

“Brother, you also believe in this kind of thing?”

“Who would teach their own Daoist techniques to strangers for no reason?”

“I think it’s most likely that some kid from the family of the ten or so Pulse Realm seniors is playing tricks on everyone.”

Xiang Yan didn’t believe Xiang Cai’s information at all.

Xiang De also said with a straight face, “It’s better to cultivate conscientiously than to believe in these illusory things.”

Seeing that no one believed him, Xiang Cai felt particularly wronged.

“It’s really written on the notice, not from hearsay. Forget it, if you don’t believe me, I’ll go on my own!”

That happened everywhere in Purple Immortal City.

… The night sky was pitch-black, and the crescent moon was still hanging in the sky. However, there were already a few more cultivators on Plum Creek Mountain.

“Huh? Fellow Daoist Zhang, didn’t you say you wouldn’t come?”

“Hehe, fellow Daoist Xu, the same could be said of you? You said you wouldn’t come, but you still secretly came,”Zhang Shao said with a smile.

“Haha, in any case, it’s just a waste of time. Why don’t you come and take a look? Fellow Daoist Li, fellow Daoist Yang, you think so too, right?”

Xu Lin had treated this matter as a test for the seniors, so he had been urging everyone not to come.

But unexpectedly, these Pulse Realm cultivators all said nice things, but they all understood it in their hearts!

Everyone laughed and put this matter behind them, then headed to the mountaintop together.

This kind of confrontation was also seen by He Xi

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