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Chapter 76: Speed Up the Creation of the World Barrier

“The entire Heavenly Mortal World!”

The rift worm lost its composure and shouted out.

The Three-headed God-devil froze as well.

“May I ask, your majesty, is what you said true? Then what is the use of this array?”

Ye Changge smiled faintly.

“Do you know of the World Barrier?”

The moment the words ‘World Barrier’ came out, the two gods in front of him were even more shocked.

“Looks like you all know this phrase.”

“There are many worlds in the vast universe, and they all exist in different ways.”

“Some worlds have their own World Barriers, but our Heavenly Mortal World doesn’t.”

The rift worm bowed respectfully. “The Great Emperor’s actions are truly worthy of respect!”

Shaking his head, Ye Changge said, “Do you all remember the news that the Eight Trigrams Quasi-emperor mentioned?”

“Great Emperor, you mean the Heavenly Dao Tribulation?”

“That’s right.”

Standing up, Ye Changge pointed at the sky.

“According to my guess, that tribulation isn’t easy to stop.”

“If we were to just depend on me, it might be as the Eight Trigrams Quasi-emperor said. Something that is hard to stop.”

“So, I have to create a World Barrier. Once this great defense is established, we’ll have our first solid line of defense.”

After a long time, the rift worm felt a little riled up.

The Three-headed God-devil was already excited.

“I, Lie Hou, am willing to do my best during the great calamity!”

The rift worm hesitated for a moment before nodding as well.

“I, Yu Huang, am also willing to do my best in the face of the great calamity.”

At their level, there were some promises that could not be casually agreed to.

Furthermore, they were facing an Emperor.

An existence recognized by the Heavenly Dao.

If they did not fulfil their promises, they would probably never have the qualifications to break through to the Emperor Realm.

“Today, I finally know your names.”

“Don’t worry. Although this calamity is very difficult, with me around, there’s no need to worry too much.”

“Because I’m actually not just an ordinary Emperor.”

The rift worm and the Three-headed God-devil were stunned. They did not understand what Ye Changge meant.

“The Great Dao is endless. Above Emperors, there’s naturally a higher realm.”

Hearing this, the two looked at each other in shock.

Could it be that the Hidden Edge Emperor had already touched the threshold of a higher realm?

“Go, you two.”

Ye Changge waved his hand and let the them take their leave.

An underground array, an outer realm expert, a tribulation of heaven and earth.

Could it be that the manifestation of the great calamity of the Heavenly Dao was referring to this?

Ye Changge had a guess in his heart.

It seemed that the refining speed would have to be accelerated.

Currently, what restricted the speed was not only his proficiency in arr

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