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Poisonous fog, traps, and strange silk threads magic.

Wu Yunfei quickly came to a conclusion.

The opponents’ aims were very obvious. They wanted to capture him alive.

As a rogue cultivator, he had actually offended quite a number of people.

When he was without support, quite a number of people dared to make a move.

But now, he had accepted an important mission from the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path.

Either it was an enemy that would not rest until one of them died, or they were desperate and wanted to kill him directly.

But now, a force had surfaced and wanted to capture him.

He was puzzled.

Was the other party not afraid of being found out by the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path?

Without taking much time to think, Wu Yunfei burst out with all his speed and escaped towards the east.

That was the direction of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

“Don’t let him escape.”

Realizing that Wu Yunfei was not poisoned, those who had captured him quickly surrounded him.


After letting out an angry shout, Wu Yunfei activated the attack formation on his body.

Powerful flames shot out, and the scorching gust of air distorted the surrounding space.

To his surprise, the attack did not produce any effect.

The enemy’s strength far surpassed his.

With a ruthless heart, Wu Yunfei no longer thought about fighting the enemy. He made escaping his top priority.

The Gale Formation, the Thunder Formation, and the Meteorite Fire Formation were activated one after another.

His entire body was enveloped by lightning and flames. A powerful barricade was formed.

His speed suddenly increased. Wu Yunfei quickly fled into the distance.

The enemy who was blocking him did not expect Wu Yunfei to be so fast.

The silk threads that were wrapped around him quickly melted when they encountered high temperatures.

“Don’t use the Heavenly Entangling Silk! His flames are very strange. Use other magical capturingequipment!”

However, it was already too late.

After finding a gap, Wu Yunfei used all his strength to break through the blockade of the outside world and escape.

“Chase him!”

With a loud shout, more than ten people emerged from the smoke and headed toward the east.

“If we let them escape, we won’t go back either! If the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path find out, none of us will survive!”

With their lives on the line, everyone went all out.

The Yellow Dao Palace’s inheritance was too powerful. Under the circumstances where he was focused on escaping, Wu Yunfei’s speed was exceptionally fast, and he quickly lost his pursuers.

But he did not stop.

The other party’s origin and strength were unknown to him. The safest option now was to escape to the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

Wu Yunfei’s tendons and veins were throbbing in pain as he traveled at full speed.

Before long, the mountain gate of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror was in sight.

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