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Chapter 74: Made an Unusual Guess About the Form of the Calamity

“Therefore, even though the Myriad Flowers Realm barrier is broken, the outer realm’s Sky Demon World will become stronger after a thousand or ten thousand years.”

“You’ve been waiting for that moment?”

Shuiyue bowed, expressing her agreement.

Ye Changge closed his eyes and pondered.

When he broke through to the Emperor realm.

The sky had collapsed and the earth had cracked, and meteors had bombarded him.

That was the aftermath of the great calamity.

This meant that at least the calamity in the Heavenly Mortal World did not collide with other worlds.

Apart from that, the outer realm experts who had invaded the Heavenly Mortal World and cursed the Sword Emperor also bore the possibility of calamity.

“That person from the Heavenly Dao Academy who wanted to curse the person who picked up the remains… His doll’s aura is very strange.”

“It might be related to the invaders from the outer realm.”

Ye Changge’s spiritual senses swept across the entire eastern region.

He soon discovered that Li Shiyi was heading to the central region.

“Relic collector, remember this aura. This is the aura of the doll that once cursed you.”

“Go to the central region and find the origin of that cursed doll.”

After delivering the news, Ye Changge continued to think.

Perhaps the calamity in the Heavenly Mortal World was not a simple one.

At present, what he was most afraid of was actually the appearance of several calamities at the same time.

“I sensed before that some of you have very different cultivations compared to the others.”

“Including that young one called Wu Yunfei, the way he cultivates and the way he sets up arrays is obviously different from the other array masters there.”

“Your Myriad Flowers World should also have the experience of coming into contact with other worlds.”

“Go and investigate. I need more information, including your contact with other worlds.”

Ye Changge was not polite at all.

In any case, these people had also obtained a lot of array formations and refining inheritances from him.

“In addition, I will continue to refine a batch of array bases in the next few days. You guys can observe on your own.”

He did not block the other party’s observation.

However, how much they could learn would depend on their own abilities.

He glanced at Wu Yunfei, who was also staring at him with a burning gaze outside the waterfall.

“Little one, let me see what kind of abilities the array formation geniuses evaluated by the system have.”

Ye Changge thought in his heart.

Without any delay, he retrieved a few balls of intensely burning flames.

These were the spiritual flames he had recently collected.

True Solar Flame, Pure Flower Precious Flame, Earth Core Flame.

Looking at these ethereal flames, the refiners of the Myriad Flowers World drooled in envy.

Such powerful

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