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Sima Lei continued to host the meeting while the smaller factions protested.

“There are two main parts to our current plans and progress.”

“First, everyone knows that the Hidden Edge Emperor of the Heavenly Mortal World is the nameless Emperor we spoke of before. He set up the World Barrier.”

“That array formation is the strongest array formation I have ever seen. In my opinion, it is almost perfect.”

“In terms of the array formation, our array formation has the same design.”

“First of all, we also need an array core. That world has a godly Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar, which is something that the Myriad Flowers World doesn’t have.”

“Fortunately, what we need to do is only to repair the hole, not create a World Barrier.”

“Then, the core of our array formation needs the cooperation of the blacksmith’s alliance. I will give you the requirements and design later.”

The master of the blacksmith’s alliance, Fu Xiaotian, nodded.

As a top-tier blacksmith, his position was cultivator and craftsman.

Therefore, his style was straightforward and he did not like to talk too much nonsense.

“Let’s get back to the main topic. Apart from the Hidden Edge Emperor’s insights on arrays, we have another source of reference.”

“That is the inheritance from the other world that Wu Yunfei obtained from the array genius.”

“After our discussion, we are almost certain that the coming plan will succeed.”

“Next, all the factions have to unite against a common enemy. Our Righteous Path Sects will be in charge of this operation.”

After saying this, Sima Lei nodded towards the monster Lei Guang.

The knowledge about the Yellow Dao Palace’s inheritance had already been spread to several large factions.

Almost everyone knew about Wu Yunfei and the others’ actions.

Sima Lei and the others knew that their guesses were wrong. They were not waiting for Wu Yunfei and the other two to return.

Meanwhile, those small factions were in an uproar.

The reason was very simple. It was because of what Sima Lei had said about the ‘inheritance from the outer realms’.

Regarding this matter, the devil path factions were the ones who were the most dissatisfied.

This was because Wu Yunfei and his team consisted of three people working together.

Regardless of whether it was the demi-humans or the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path, they had all obtained the Yellow Dao Palace’s inheritance. Only those of the devil path had obtained nothing.

As expected, their devil path representative immediately objected.

“Regarding this matter, we have some different opinions.”

The Extreme Devil Path Sect representative, the blood demon, was the first to come forward.

“Right now, the three strongest forces in Myriad Flowers World are your Eight Sects of the Righteous Path, the demi-human race and our Devil Sect. The demi-human race is allied with us.”

“Wu Yunfei’s group, made up of Wu Yunfei, Zhao Hang, and L

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