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Chapter 164: Qi of Merit Shield, Attacked Accurately

“Sigh, it’s a pity that this girl is too arrogant.”

The venerable Jiayu had originally thought highly of Yu Tianxing.

With such strength, it was a miracle at her age.

Her prospects were boundless.

Jiayu had originally planned to wait until this world could not take it anymore and suddenly take Yu Tianxing away.

He had not expected Yu Tianxing to be so arrogant, waiting for the people from the Blood Flame Sect and other factions to set up a formation.

“She’s still young after all. Even I wouldn’t dare to easily block such an attack.”

He was filled with regret.

There were many others who had the same thoughts.

Be It Lian Shuxue or Huang Xia Han.

Even Huang Xia Han, who had a weaker cultivation base, had already cried out in shock.

It was at this moment that Yu Tianxing smiled faintly.

Seeing her reaction, Wei Tian’s heart tightened.

“Could there be other unforeseen circumstances?”

Then, he saw countless beams of starlight appearing.

Countless stars were emitting intense light.

Whether it was the stars floating around the Heavenly Mortal World…

Or the stars in the distance. No one knew how far away they were.

Those streams of starlight shot towards Yu Tianxing.

In an instant, a powerful energy gathered around her.

She activated the Heavenly Mystic Origin Technique.

Although she had made all sorts of arrangements for herself before she reincarnated, her strongest support was still the two great treasures that Ye Changge had given her.

The Heavenly Mystic Origin Technique and the Fu Guang Candle.

The purple flame was only one of the divine abilities that the Fu Guang Candle had. The astral technique was what she was best at.

In an instant, the starlight was resplendent. The entire Heavenly Mortal World was covered in the multicoloured starlight.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A violent impact sound rang out.

Be it the blood sea, blood flame, or the attacks of the exotic beasts, they were all blocked by layers of starlight shields.

The enormous death aura sickle waved as it looked at Yu Tianxing. When it met the starlight that filled the sky, it also melted like ice and snow and disappeared without a trace.

“This child’s strength is actually so terrifying!”

“My god, what is this thing? The defensive ability of this starlight barrier is so powerful that even the attacks of so many people can’t break it open?”

“The power of the purple flame before was extraordinary. I thought that she was cultivating a fire-type divine ability, but in the end, she actually used a star-type cultivation technique?”

Countless exclamations sounded.

Jiayu could not help but sigh that he had made a mistake. However, he noticed that Wei Tian and the others’ expressions had not changed.

As he thought of something, he looked at Yu Tianxing with a serious expression.

Waves of powerful attack colli

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