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The two Emperor artifacts appeared sacred and powerful under the background of the magical light.

The Wen Xin Dao Elder and the other elders of the major forces who had rushed over were stunned.

“This is an Emperor artifact? What a powerful fluctuation!”

“Why do I feel that this Emperor artifact is even more powerful than our ancestral Heavenly Thunder God Whip?”

“That shouldn’t be an illusion. I also feel that this Emperor artifact is very strong, stronger than our sect.”

Ignoring their discussion, Ye Changge directly began to optimize the array formation.

He raised his hand and directly reached into the core of the array formation. A golden light flashed, and all the Emperor artifacts that were slowly floating froze.

After stopping the operation of the entire Emperor Artifact Array Formation, Ye Changge waved his hand, and all the Emperor artifacts directly appeared in front of him.

Before the elders of the sacred lands who were guarding the array could react, the Emperor weapons that were floating in the air disappeared.

The frightened elders quickly sent out messages to inform the sacred lands.

The sacred lords who had just received the news that Ye Changge had gone to the central region were all in disbelief.

“What does the Hidden Edge Emperor mean? Is he trying to take away the Emperor weapons of my Maple City?”

The city lord of Maple City looked at the message sent by the elder who had stayed behind in the eastern region in disbelief.

This shocked him quite a bit.

Even if he controlled the Emperor Artifact Formation, the Emperor artifacts would still belong to the various sacred lands.

Now that the Hidden Edge Emperor had arrived at the core of the Emperor Artifact Formation in the central region, all of the Emperor artifacts had been taken away.

“What is he trying to do?”

Almost all the sacred lords and people in charge of the sacred lands were terrified.

They had not expected Ye Changge to be so ruthless.

However, the sacred lands that had already felt Ye Changge’s strength were helpless and could only be anxious.

In the central region, Ye Changge could feel the anxiety of the sacred lands.

After all, more and more sacred land elders had appeared in front of him.

“Hidden Edge Emperor! Please show mercy!”

“Emperor, The Vast Sea Sinan is an Emperor artifact that has been passed down in our Vast Sea Divine Church for many years. I really can’t give it to you!”

“If you have other requests, our Vast Sea Divine Church will definitely agree. Our cult master, Li Yuanying, is still in the Hidden Edge Sect. You can just tell her directly!”

An elder of the Vast Sea Divine Church was already anxious.

Emperor artifacts were the greatest foundation of the forces left behind by these Emperors. No matter what, they could not be lost.

More and more forces sent people to plead for mercy.

Ye Changge felt that they were a little too noisy. He ra

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