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Chapter 162: A Little Girl?

Ye Changge activated the array and a gust of air spun around Yu Tianxing, pulling her up into the sky.

“This disciple of mine has gone through the study of the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, and with the addition of the yellow aura of virtue, the time has indeed come for her to break through to the Emperor Realm.”

Ye Changge calculated in his heart and nodded.

“He Xiuxing, Li Shiyi, come here. Your younger sister will enter the Dao through battle today and enter the Emperor Realm again. Take a good look.”

Li Shiyi and He Xiuxing arrived at the cave heaven after receiving Ye Changge’s notice.

“Master, our younger sister is about to enter the Emperor Realm? Where are the enemies you speak of?”

Li Shiyi had always been problematic in front of Ye Changge.

“Above our heads, outside the World Barrier. Those powers from the outer realms have sent people over again.”

“Then this time, the power of the experts is extraordinary. They can actually allow our younger sister to break through to the Great Emperor Realm.”

After spending so much time together, Li Shiyi was very clear about his sister’s abilities.

Now, in his opinion, his younger sister was indeed worthy of being the Heavenly Star Great Emperor’s reincarnation. Regardless of whether it was her potential or her strength, she was extraordinary.

“After younger sister’s breakthrough this time, I’m afraid that her strength will far surpass that of the past. If that happens, I’ll really be the weakest.”

“Brother, by far surpassing the strength of the past, are you talking about your current strength, or the Heavenly Star Emperor’s strength in the past?”

Hearing this, He Xiuxing asked with a smile.

“Of course it’s the current…”

Halfway through his words, Li Shiyi was also stunned for a moment.

He knew how powerful the cultivation technique Ye Changge had given them was.

After exchanging information with his younger sister, he also knew that the level of He Xiuxing’s technique far surpassed that of the Emperor’s scripture.

Apart from this, his master Ye Changge had also given each of them a weapon.

He had used the Big Dipper Sword before, so he was very clear that the Big Dipper Sword’s level could not even be compared to an Emperor weapon.

“That… master, our younger sister won’t be able to break through and surpass the strength of the previous Heavenly Star Emperor just like that, right?”

He asked cautiously.

Ye Changge found him interesting. “She will surpass the Heavenly Star Emperor by a lot.”

After saying that, Li Shiyi was stunned for a long time.

He only reacted when Ye Changge conjured a water screen in front of him, allowing the images of Yu Tianxing and the outer realm experts to appear.

“Master! Can I also reach that height?”

Li Shiyi asked expectantly.

“Don’t worry. I’ve said that the Emperor Realm will not be your final destination.”

After receiving Y

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