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Chapter 167: Tens of Thousands of Years of Soul

Wei Tian and the others were not the only ones who were completely shocked by this.

There were still many people who were observing the battle above the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

Unlike those ordinary mortals and cultivators who were just watching the show, there were still many powerful cultivators in the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

To them, the things they saw and understood were far more than what the mortals could comprehend.

“Where did this female cultivator come from? Does anyone know anything about her?”

A cultivator from the Heaven and Earth Pavilion cried out in surprise from where she stood in the sacred land.

“We don’t know exactly which force she came from, but judging from the starlight she used before, it seems to be a divine ability of Heavenly Star City.”

“Hiss! Now that you mention it, is it true that there has always been such a powerful cultivator in Heavenly Star City who has never left the mountain?”

“It’s nothing strange. After all, Heavenly Star City has always been known as the most powerful sacred land.”

There were many people who guessed this, so many messenger flying swords were sent to Heavenly Star City.

Looking at the many messenger flying swords in front of him, Gong Feifan didn’t know how to respond.

“Fifth ancestor, what do you think we should do about this?”

The fifth ancestor thought about it carefully.

After all, these things could not be said carelessly.

They did not know what the Heavenly Star Emperor thought about other forces knowing her identity.

At the same time, the Heavenly Star City also had to consider the attitude of the Hidden Edge Sect.

“We should be very clear that although the Emperor is still the founder of our Heavenly Star City, she is indeed a member of the Hidden Edge Sect in this life.”

“What do you mean, fifth ancestor?”

“Let’s just say that starlight is indeed our Heavenly Star City’s ultimate move. As for the identity of that person, we don’t know either.”

“Then, if the other factions ask in detail, how should we answer?”

When the fifth ancestor heard Gong Feifan’s question, he looked at this junior with some disdain.

“Just say that you have nothing to say. Since you didn’t reveal too much, you also maintained the mysteriousness of our Heavenly Star City.”

As a result, almost all the cultivation factions in the Heavenly Mortal World soon knew that the female cultivator in the sky had a connection with Heavenly Star City.

The commotion in the Heavenly Mortal World did not affect the battle in the sky.

Yu Tianxing had not attacked with her full strength for a long time. For a moment, she was still familiarizing herself with her power.

Meanwhile, Wei Tian and the others slowly calmed down.

“We admit that we have indeed muttered about your strange world.”

“Don’t be surprised. There are still many things that you haven’t noticed.”

Yu Ti

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