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Chapter 149: The Actions of the Blood Flame Sect

Apart from Ye Changge scanning the items left behind by the curse element, he had also sent his own disciples to pack up items.

Such actions naturally caused the various sacred lands to feel apprehensive.

They did not know if they had done something wrong.

When they realized that there was a powerful outer realm quasi-emperor in their lair, the Vast Sea Divine Church felt a lingering fear.

They sincerely expressed their gratitude to Ye Changge.

“It seems like we have received the Great Emperor’s favor again.”

“That expression just now, it seems like the Great Emperor didn’t come here because of us. He seems to have ignored us.”

Someone tore apart this matter that made the Vast Sea Divine Sect feel awkward.

“Although the Great Emperor didn’t acknowledge us, objectively speaking, we still received his favor. We should still show some gratitude.”

“That’s right. Think about it carefully. If those things exploded in our place just now, we would all die.”

This was the truth.

Apart from those true ancestors who were still in seclusion and had formidable strength, everyone else here had died.

After all, that black vapour could even damage the Emperor Artifact Formation. How could the people of the Vast Sea Divine Church here withstand it?

Ye Changge’s attitude toward them made them feel a little awkward.

However, compared to their lives, that did not seem like much.

“Since that’s the case, let’s find another time to go to the Hidden Edge Sect to seek an audience.”

Li Yuanying suggested.

When everyone agreed to this decision, they thought of something when they had some free time.

“Well, if I’m not mistaken, the Hidden Edge Emperor seems to be very young.”

“You old man, did you just react?”

“Didn’t you just react?”

“Of course not.”

The crowd suddenly quieted down when they heard the last sentence.

Everyone looked at the elder who spoke.

“What? Why are you all looking at me all of a sudden?”

The elder who was suddenly the subject of everyone’s attention was a little nervous.

“Didn’t you just find out the Hidden Edge Emperor age? Then when did you find out?”

Hearing this question, the elder let out a slight sigh of relief.

“Didn’t the Hidden Edge Emperor have an Emperor weapon when he revealed his sword Dao cultivation? This means that he is that ten thousand swords quasi-emperor.”

Hearing this, everyone finally reacted.

“Didn’t he always use the golden palm?”

There were still people who did not understand the cause and effect.

At this moment, when Li Yuanying gave the Ten Ultimate Swords to the Hidden Edge Sect, the Hidden Edge Emperor revealed his powerful sword cultivation.

After she explained everything, everyone finally understood.

They all sighed.

“I can’t believe he has such a powerful cultivation at such a young age. I feel like he’s the most talented perso

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