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Chapter 144: Different Destinies of the Sacred Lands

Ye Changge was bathed in the light of virtue.

A powerful aura erupted from his body.

A large area of void instantly appeared in the surrounding space.

He lost control for a moment and directly shattered this part of the space in the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

When he continued to circulate his qi and restrain his aura, the Heavenly Mortal Realm automatically repaired this part of the space.

All sorts of strange phenomena surrounded Ye Changge.

The strange phenomena that had erupted when he was trying to break through to the Emperor Realm took turns to appear.

Whether it was the sharp sword qi, the boundless song, or the blood sea’s reincarnation.

All sorts of auras took turns to appear.

“This mysterious yellow qi of virtue is indeed extraordinary. I can clearly feel that he has strengthened me in many aspects.”

Ye Changge’s comprehension of the Dao had increased his cultivation realm, comprehension ability, and cultivation base.

“According to this, I should be able to break through the Emperor Realm soon and reach the God Realm.”

The God Realm was once the strongest existence in the Heavenly Mortal World.

The Heavenly Mortal World had existed for so many years, and only one Giant Pillar had reached this realm.

Ye Changge estimated that he would need many more years to reach this realm.

Even if he signed-in now. However, he would not go to truly strange places, such as the Myriad Flowers World.

The rest of the normal signing-in would only yield a small amount of cultivation. There was not much meaning to it.

If other people knew that Ye Changge treated 500 years of cultivation as a small amount of cultivation, who knew what they would think?

“My three disciples will receive quite a bit of profound yellow virtue qi. Perhaps a few more Emperors will appear on my Reclining Firewood Peak.”

Ye Changge was very confident in his disciples.

After all, both Li Shiyi, who was an Emperor, and Yu Tianxing, who had been reborn as an Emperor, had extraordinary potential.

As for his eldest disciple, He Xiuxing was in a unique state. His unique path was destined for him to go further.

This was because his Dao was a Dao that he created and was suitable for himself.

At this point, even Yu Tianxing, the reborn Emperor, is far from being able to cultivate.

At this moment, almost everyone in the Hidden Edge Sect’s Reclining Firewood Peak was improving.

This even applied to Buyi Zhenren, who was far away in the southern border and was touring the human world.

The golden light around the old man’s body was seen by countless mortals.

Many kind men and women knelt down and prayed piously.

At first, Bu Yi Zhenren was still a little panicked, but when he understood what the golden light around his body was, he was ecstatic.

“Sigh, what more could I ask for to have a disciple like this?”

Bu Yi Zhenren

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