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Chapter 160: The Sturdy World Barrier

As the number of blood crows increased, they split up faster and faster.

The number of blood crows increased exponentially, quickly filling the sky.

Looking down, one could see that the eastern sky was dyed crimson.

“As expected of the Blood Flame Sect. Anyone who leads such an attack must have extraordinary strength.”

Venerable Jiayu, who was observing in the dark, muttered to himself.

“From the looks of it, even if this great array withstands the first wave of attacks, the subsequent attacks will be too much.”

There were many people who had such thoughts.

This was because the number of strange blood crows was still increasing.

Ye Changge watched this unfold and pondered.

“It looks like this thing can be absorbed by the Qi Huang Clan.”

In his perception, although the blood crows were imposing, they actually had no effect on the World Barrier.

However, the blood crows looked very strange. He felt that he could make use of them. Perhaps there would be a good outcome.

“Nether Lord, arrange for your Qi Huang clan to gather in the Asura Ghost Region. I’ll send a stream of blood qi over. You guys see if you can absorb it.”

Ye Changge transmitted to them telepathically.

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

Without any hesitation, the Nether Lord gathered the Qi Huang clan’s large army and sat on the ground. He quietly waited for Ye Changge’s action.

“Condense! Withdraw!”

Following Ye Changge’s command, the great array in the sky changed.

Dangerous vortexes appeared above the World Barrier, absorbing the blood crows at an extremely fast speed and converting them into streams of blood red spiritual qi.

“This thing seems to be some sort of special spiritual qi.”

With that, Ye Changge waved his hand, activating the World Barrier formation, and the blood red spiritual qi moved along the barrier rapidly.

The Qi Huang clan that had gathered in the Asura Ghost Region raised their heads, looking at the blood red waterfall pouring down from the sky.

“What is this! My cultivation technique is absorbing these auras automatically!”

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This cultivation speed is several times faster than my usual speed!”

One of the Qi Huang clansmen shouted happily.

The Nether Lord, who was watching from the side, was also curious. He took a portion of the blood qi.

When the blood qi entered his body, his expression changed drastically.

As a quasi-emperor, his senses were even sharper.

When the blood qi entered his body, it caused his body to react automatically.

It felt like an age old nectar, but he also felt as if he was on fire. When the blood qi entered his body, it quickly converted into his cultivation.

It was just that his power was not pure enough, so it had little effect on the Nether Lord.

Ye Changge noticed the changes here and understood.

“Nether Lord, in the future, there will be powerful e

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