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After Ye Changge used the Sword Emperor’s weapon to absorb the Ten Ultimate Swords, the level of the Sword Emperor’s weapon increased significantly.

Sensing the intense killing intent, he suddenly remembered something.

“When I was talking to Emperor Zhulu, he said that he left something behind.”

“If it wasn’t for the killing intent of the ten swords, I would have forgotten about the treasures left behind by the Qi Huang clan and Emperor Zhulu.”

After thinking for a long time, Ye Changge felt something.

He had also stayed in the Hidden Edge Sect for a long time. Whether it was because of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar or the World Barrier…

He spent most of his time in the Hidden Edge Sect.

“It’s time to go out and take a walk. There are still a lot of things I can do.”

With a thought, Ye Changge left the Hidden Edge Sect.

He only left a reminder to his three disciples.

“Cultivate well. I’ll go out and take a walk.”

After receiving Ye Changge’s notice, the three disciples all accepted the order.

“Yes, master!”

At this distance, Ye Changge heard it clearly.

With a small smile, he disappeared from the Hidden Edge Sect and headed north.

Ye Changge arrived at the northern mountain range.

Although it was summer in June, the area was still covered in ice and snow.

“I wonder where the resources left by Emperor Zhulu are.”

Ye Changge scanned his surroundings and began to inspect every inch of land with his spiritual senses.

At the top of the mountain, he seemed to sense something. There were some fluctuations there.

Ye Changge raised his eyebrows. He had already arrived at the top of the mountain.


He raised his foot and stomped down heavily. The wind and snow at the top of the mountain stopped for a moment.

All the snow on the entire mountain fell.

A large circle of exposed mountain rocks appeared below.

On the mountain rocks, a door was revealed. The words “Secret room for chasing deer” were written on it.

The brush slithered like a dragon or a snake, and a strong aura appeared.

Sensing that aura, Ye Changge smiled.

“As expected of Emperor Zhulu. Even after so many years of death, the aura he left behind is still strong.”

The Indestructible Golden Body Technique was activated, but the prohibition set by Emperor Zhulu did not have any effect. Ye Changge had already entered the forbidden area.

Four boxes were left behind, scattered.

Like all the Emperors that Ye Changge had experienced the presence of before, the image of the Emperor appeared in an instant.

“Hello, young Emperor.”

Ye Changge knew that the image here was not the same as the one under the yellow qi seal.

He flicked his finger and a beam of spirit light shot into the image’s body.

Emperor Zhulu’s image was slightly stunned.

“I see. You’ve prepared everything. Very good, very good.”

The Emperor’s shadow knew everything that had happened du

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