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Chapter 165: The Calm Mortal World

After this series of events, even the densest idiot would know that something had gone wrong.

The forces of the Heavenly Mortal World came to investigate the situation.

Countless cultivators who were closer rose into the sky.

Most of the cultivators were not strong enough to break through the clouds.

A few of them were blocked by the World Barrier.

However, they could see what was happening from behind the hazy barrier.

Yu Tianxing was facing thousands of soldiers and horses alone.

Some smart forces had already started to send out inquiries to the forces of the Hidden Edge Sect and the Emperor Artifact Formation.

Sect Master Ding was preparing to go into seclusion, while the others were busy with their own matters.

Abbot Qing Cang received this batch of inquiries from the flying swords.

Without hesitation, he directly asked a boy to Reclining Firewood Peak to find out what was going on.

Very soon, Ye Changge informed Qing Cang of the basic situation, which was then known by all the forces in the world.

The sacred lands were shocked.

They did not expect that the forces in the outer realms had already attacked again.

It was too soon. They recalled everyone’s inspection when Ye Changge had set up the World Barrier.

Countless powers had sent out requests, hoping that the Heavenly Tower of Legacy could once again determine the situation in the sky.

The new tower lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy had always hoped to improve his relationship with the Hidden Edge Emperor.

Now, he learned that the powers from the outer realms had once again invaded and were blocked by the World Barrier.

No matter what the outcome was, at least the strength of the World Barrier would be displayed.

If that was the case, the Hidden Edge Emperor’s merit would once again be displayed.

After some thought, the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy activated the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy.

He then contacted the Wan Xiang Sect and other factions to explain his plan.

Soon, water screens appeared above the various cities.

“What’s going on? Why did the water screen that was taken away appear again?”

“Could it be that something big is about to happen for us to see?”

“The major powers shouldn’t dare to go against the Emperor now, right? Then what’s their purpose for doing this?”

Countless people started asking questions.

Although it was nighttime, but they were still quite happy.

After all, they did not have any form of entertainment in the past.

There was a way to see what was happening in the world, and these mortals felt a sense of participation.

The cultivators who could not reach the clouds and see what was happening in the sky realized that empty water screens had all gathered.

In an instant, the entire Heavenly Mortal World was once again as grand as before.

Billions of people were watching the battle outsid

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