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Chapter 155: The Repair Was Successful, and the Aura of Virtue Appeared Once More

The Extreme Devil Path Sect’s blood demon’s expression was uncertain.

Although the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path were not speaking, their intentions were obvious.

The efficiency of their organization was far less than that of the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path, which had been fighting against the outer realm heavenly devils for so many years.

If the progress of repairing the south pole hole was slowed down because of them, it would incur the displeasure of the Hidden Edge Emperor.

The Extreme Devil Path Sect’s blood demon remembered that the Hidden Edge Sect’s Great Emperor could use the Sacred Item Waterfall to directly erase the Pill Tower from the universe.

He thought about the first time he saw the Pill Tower shrink, and he could not help but shiver.

Seeing his expression, Sima Lei knew that his goal had been achieved.

No one stopped him, and the entire Myriad Flowers World quickly began to evolve.

Countless resources were transported to the alliance of array masters and the alliance of refiners.

At this moment, regardless of whether they were righteous or wicked, all the factions were moving towards a single goal.

Time slowly passed amidst the hustle and bustle.

On this day.

Almost all the existences of the upper three realms of the Myriad Flowers World had arrived at the bottom of the south pole’s large hole.

A powerful magic artifact had been refined.

It was a magic artifact in the shape of an umbrella.

It was a treasure refined by the most powerful weaponsmiths in the entire Myriad Flowers World.

It was almost at the level of an Emperor artifact.

If there was an Emperor in the Myriad Flowers World now, he could easily refine an Emperor artifact with this magic artifact.

Fu Xiaotian looked at this umbrella with satisfaction.

This was his best work in so many years.

“This is the Sky-shielding Umbrella. This is the result of our entire refiners’ alliance. It definitely will not disappoint us.”

The refiner from the Myriad Treasures Building, Zheng Xu, said from the side.

“Of course.” Fu Xiaotian smiled with certainty.

The two of them looked at each other, full of confidence.

The array core was already in place. What was left was the work of the Array Formation Masters Alliance.

The entire Myriad Flowers World had sent out their strongest lineup to face the outer realm heavenly devils who had discovered the abnormality and began to attack crazily.

“I didn’t know that our Myriad Flowers World had so many upper three realms experts.” Sect Master Shuiyue sighed.

“It’s not just the upper three realms. Now, even seven quasi-emperor realm experts have come. It’s simply unbelievable. I don’t know where they were hiding previously.”

Ancestor Ling Hua was also emotional.

“After all, this matter is related to the Emperor and the qi of virtue. Th

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