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Chapter 158: The Forces of the Blood Flame Sect Had Arrived

The several sacred lords of the central region who were closest to them had also hurried over.

They looked at the center of the Emperor Artifact Formation, which had completely changed the rules of the formation, and looked at each other in dismay.

Lord Lu Zhongshan of the Wan Xiang tower clenched his teeth and began to try to establish contact with the Emperor Artifact Formation.

When his divine senses connected to the formation and his spirit energy began to pour into the core of the formation, he was stunned.

From what he could sense, the power of the entire array was at least several times stronger.

At the same time, it was obvious that the cultivation required to control the array had also increased.

Lu Zhongshan could clearly feel that it was somewhat difficult for him to control the array.

And he had been able to control the array with ease previously.

Seeing his expression, the other elders who had the power to control the array also began to test it.

Soon, more and more people were shocked.

“This is the power of an Emperor? Just a casual trip here has made the power of the Emperor weapon array so much stronger.”

“Sigh, what a pity. The cultivation requirement is too high now. I can’t control it anymore.”

“And through my senses, I found that there are many more Emperor weapons in the Emperor Artifact Formation. Where did the Hidden Edge Emperor find these?”

The formation had changed too much, and everyone here felt that they were looking at something different.

The fact that there were several more Emperor artifacts shocked them immensely.

Just as the sacred lands were trembling with fear because Ye Changge had brought an Emperor artifact to the central region…

Just as they thought using an Emperor artifact was their strongest trump card…

Ye Changge had already brought out several Emperor artifacts.

“Then what is the Emperor doing all this for? Is it to help us upgrade the Emperor Artifact Formation?”

Someone asked, his heart filled with doubt.

“On one hand, it’s because the Emperor is powerful, but we also have many opponents. The change in the Emperor Artifact Formation is also beneficial to him.”

He sensed something on the mountain and began to explain the situation.

“On the other hand, after this change, the strongest control of the Emperor Artifact Formation lies in the hands of the Hidden Edge Emperor.”

After saying that, he sighed.

After a moment of silence, the elders also sighed.

“The Emperor Artifact Formation that we’re so proud of is really low-level in the eyes of the Hidden Edge Emperor. He can easily increase it by so much.”

Everyone was thinking about how they had spent a long time setting up the Emperor Artifact Formation.

They had put in a lot of effort and spent a lot of time.

However, Ye Changge had increased the power of the formation by ten

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