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Chapter 150: The Small World That Had Been Plundered, the Sacred Land’s Wishful Thinking

“We’ve already experienced so many things. Now, there’s another opportunity in front of us. We must seize it.”

When the Emperor’s majestic voice sounded, everyone stopped talking.

“Forty-nine quasi-emperors, with the help of our secret research array, are enough to suppress any Emperor!”

“Even the two of us can only fight you to a draw.”

“With such strength, you can suppress that small world. Their strength is nothing to be afraid of.”

After the Emperor finished speaking, someone suddenly spoke.

“Um, Emperor Saiyang, according to our investigation, there used to be a god-level existence in this small world. This…”

Although the voice had not finished, everyone knew what he wanted to say.

Hearing his words, those who knew this information sucked in a breath of cold air.

Even if the weakest person here was a quasi-emperor-level powerhouse, they were still very shocked.

“You mean to say that not only did this small world have so many Emperors, there was also a God?”

There were also many people who had questions.

Emperors were already as difficult to attain as ascending to the heavens.

Gods were existences that far surpassed Emperors.

Even Emperor Kashi and Emperor Saiyang’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t worry. According to our investigation, the gods in that world have long since died.”

Emperor Kashi, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said.

“The Great Calamity of Heaven and Earth once visited that small world. Their gods were destroyed in effort to resist the great calamity.”

As an existence that was one level higher than these quasi-emperors, Emperor Kashi clearly had a stronger intelligence network.

Unfortunately, this network could not always pay attention to a remote small world.

Otherwise, they would know that the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World had been completely repaired.

And the Heavenly Mortal World did not just have a god-level Giant Pillar.

There was also this Ye Changge who could repair the Giant Pillar.

Not to mention that their World Barrier had already been constructed.

The consequences of waiting for these quasi-emperors would only result in blood and injuries.

“Then, there’s no need to worry about anything. Great Emperor Saiyang, Great Emperor Kashi, please allow me to fight.”

Someone suddenly requested.

With someone taking the lead, the people behind started to pray.

“Emperor Saiyang, Emperor Kashi, please allow me to fight.”

“Emperor Saiyang, Emperor Kashi, I, Silu Shan, am also willing to fight.”

The people present were all very powerful.

However, Emperor Saiyang could still easily distinguish the strength of these people.

“How about this? You guys go. Silu Shan, Haiwei, Lu Mingwei…”

After listing out some names, the people who heard their names were ecstatic.

That was a world

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