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Chapter 163: Super Combat Strength

Yu Tianxing’s strength completely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Even those who did not see that her form was that of a little girl could not accept this result.

She forced a group of people to form a formation by herself.

“I’m afraid we’ve really learned a lot today.”

Lian Shuxue’s face was full of envy and shock.

As a female cultivator, Yu Tianxing’s strength made her extremely worthy of envy.

“Sister, how high do you think this female cultivator’s realm is?” Huang Xia Han asked.

“I don’t know either, but I’ve recorded the situation here. I’ll go ask the world overlord later.”

Luo Shanjie and Huang Xia Han were still young and could not see Yu Tianxing’s strength.

However, even venerable Jiayu could not believe it.

“It’s the Quasi-emperor Realm! How is this possible?”

He could not believe it.

After all, he was a quasi-emperor, and he was one of the few quasi-emperors in the world who cultivated his body.

After going through so much, he finally reached this stage.

He did not expect to see a little girl with such combat strength here. He started to doubt if he was in a real world.

“This trip has really broadened my horizons. Perhaps I can directly complete the universe void crossing trial and perfect my state of mind.”

The universe void crossing trial was their special trial.

When one’s physical body had reached a certain level of cultivation, one needed to cross the void by oneself to see the greater world.

By increasing one’s knowledge and perfecting one’s state of mind, it would lay a firmer foundation for the next step.

“How is this possible?!”

“This world is extremely dangerous. It has already brought us enough surprises.”

“I’m starting to wonder if Emperor Kashi and Emperor Saiyang’s decision not to take action was a mistake.”

“A little girl like her has the cultivation of a quasi-emperor. All these years of cultivation have really gone to the dogs.”

In the entire battlefield, the one with the most quasi-emperor factions was the mysterious faction behind the Blood Flame Sect.

This time, they directly sent forty-nine quasi-emperors.

Originally, they thought that they had the strength to fight against two Great Emperors, so they could easily deal with this world.

In the end, they first encountered the World Barrier.

Then, a little quasi-emperor came out. a little girl.

If their previous guess was true, the World Barrier in the Heavenly Mortal Realm was manmade.

There was a god-level existence in this world, and it was enough for everyone here to never return.

“I actually think that this is a good decision.”

Someone said with a wry smile.


“If our guess is true, then the Great Emperor will die if he comes. If we overestimate this world, then there’s no need for the Great Emperor to come.”

The forty-nine quasi-emperors fell silent.

“Haha, forget it. I, Xu T

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