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Chapter 153: Fourth Disciple Ye Xingchen, the Myriad Flowers World’s Operation

Ye Changge opened the little star in front of him. “I’ll give you a name. You’ll take my surname and be called Ye Xingchen.”

“What’s a name?”

“What’s a surname?”

“What’s a Ye Xingchen?”

It did not exceed Ye Changge’s expectations. This disciple was as ignorant as a child.

The way it communicated now was also by conveying thoughts and emotions. It was not really communicating with words.

Ye Changge pinched his brows.

“Looks like I need to find someone to teach him.”

He had a lot of things to do, so he naturally could not keep staring at a little one all day.

“This is your cultivation method. You can learn it slowly from me in the future.”

Ye Changge transmitted the Celestial Demon Stellar Transformation he had obtained into Ye Xingchen’s mind.

The spinning little ball of light in front of him instantly stopped moving.

Not long after, streams of strange fluctuations appeared on Ye Xingchen’s body.

Very quickly, his body that was emitting a white light turned into half white and half black.

“This beginner’s speed is pretty good.”

After praising him, Ye Changge threw the spiritual light bell to it.

When it was covered by the bell, a series of buzzing sounds came from the bell.

Ye Changge knew that it was his fourth disciple who was practicing and familiarizing himself with the magical treasures.

Soon, waves of consciousness came over again.

“So powerful!”

“This whatever cultivation technique is so powerful!”

“This thing covering me is also so powerful!”

“Are they all mine?”

Feeling his joy, Ye Changge nodded with a smile.

He reached out and touched the little star.

The limb felt as smooth as jade.

As if it knew that this was a kind of encouragement, the little star was filled with joy.

When Ye Xingchen’s cultivation stabilized, Ye Changge brought it back to Reclining Firewood Peak.

“This fellow is called Ye Xingchen. He’s a demon formed from stars. From now on, he’ll be your youngest brother.”

In the main hall of the Reclining Firewood Peak, Ye Changge’s three disciples lined up.

And Ye Xingchen, who had been circling around Ye Changge non-stop, also quieted down at this moment.

“Master, what kind of demon is a star demon?”

Li Shiyi always had many questions.

Yu Tianxing answered on behalf of Ye Changge, “A star demon is a star in the sky that is affected by the Heavenly Dao, giving birth to spiritual wisdom and eventually becoming a demon.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, this is an incredible existence. A star is incredible.”

Li Shiyi actually knew what was going on just by hearing the name.

But he asked out of habit.

After all, even if it was just a mortal’s cultivation, it was still so unusual.

That star demon might not be an ordinary star demon.

Ye Changge’s three disciples began to greet Ye Xingchen.

As they did, the lit

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