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Chapter 145: The Sacred Land of Regret, Sect Leader Ding’s Tribulation

Central region, Heavenly Tower of Legacy.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s lord, Han Yu, stood in front of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy in a daze.

When the phenomena affecting the heavens and Earth happened earlier, he had already noticed that something was wrong.

He had no way to check on Ye Changge’s situation, so he pointed his spear at the other three poles.

The level of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy was very high after all, so he quickly saw the situation in a few other places.

In the picture, the three disciples of the Hidden Edge Sect, who were fighting with the outer realm heavenly demons residing on the Heavenly Mortal World’s stars, and the many quasi-emperors were fighting amongst themselves.

That scene terrified Han Yu.

After all, there were too many quasi-emperors.

Yu Huang, Lie Hou, the Nether Lord, Murong Tianyu..

There were several quasi-emperors in the capital alone.

Not to mention the ancestors of the upper three realms.

With such a powerful strength, not to mention a certain sacred land…

Even the alliance of several sacred lands could not compare to it.

He already knew that the Hidden Edge Emperor’s strength was extraordinary and that the Hidden Edge Sect’s strength had greatly increased.

However, when he truly investigated, he discovered that his strength was far beyond his imagination.

“Letting the Heavenly Tower of Legacy and the Hidden Edge Emperor be at opposing ends is truly the biggest mistake I’ve made!”

The regretful Han Yu muttered to himself.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy had already been repaired, and the World Barrier now had the most important core of the array formation.

In Han Yu’s opinion, it was almost impossible for Ye Changge to fail.

Just as he had expected, a powerful aura kept erupting, and the battle became more and more intense.

But no matter what, the array formation was still arranged in an orderly manner.

What surprised him even more were the few disciples of the Hdden Edge Sect.

No matter what kind of spatial power they cultivated, the heaven-cleaving axe, or the shocking sword qi of Li Shiyi, they all shocked him.

He could see that these two people had a boundless future.

But what shocked him the most was the appearance of Yu Tianxing sitting on the ground.

When the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy showed Yu Tianxing’s condition, the picture seemed to be covered with some kind of veil.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s lord felt a little strange, so he increased the input of his mana and carefully examined Yu Tianxing’s condition.

Soon, the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy briefly displayed some clues.

Yu Tianxing’s appearance appeared in the image.

At that moment, Han Yu felt alarmed, as if he was forcefully prying into the secrets of the heavens.

It was also at that moment that a flash of inspiration struck H

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