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Chapter 161: The Astonished Wu Yunfei and the Other Two, Yu Tianxing’s Request to Fight

Bloodfang’s death only caused a small commotion, and everyone quickly calmed down.

Unless they were the proud sons of heaven from top-tier powers, ordinary experts would definitely have experienced many battles and had much more experience.

How could attacking any world with a World Barrier not result in death?

But the problem was that the World Barrier that was emitting a hazy radiance did not change at all.

“Are there any signs of it weakening?”

The leader of the Blood Flame Sect, heavenly demon Wei Tian, asked an old man beside him who had small snakes in his hair.

That old man was the leader of the curse department this time. His name was Chong Xin.

His strength was strange and unpredictable. He could kill people through curses from a very long distance.

“No,” Chong Xin answered simply.

Just now, there was a slight fluctuation in the formation, but he could not figure out what the effect of this change was.

This formation was extraordinary. He had never heard of it before.

“This World Barrier might not be natural.”

Hearing this, Wei Tian narrowed his eyes.

Chong Xin had a special ability. He had an extremely good ability in detecting the real and the virtual.

The intelligence they had received before claimed that this world did not have a World Barrier.

Creating such a powerful array in such a short amount of time was truly out of their expectations.

“If your guess is right, then there might be experts at the godly spirit realm in this world. We are all here to die.”

Chong Xin also somewhat doubted the origin of this world. This array was definitely not something that an ordinary small world could possess.

Only those ancient worlds with a long history could possibly possess it.

“But I didn’t sense the existence of that kind of powerhouse. Either he has some special means to hide it, or this array was not set up by a god.”

Chong Xin never spoke without thinking. Wei Tian wore a serious expression and asked another person, “Can you deduce the origin of this world?”

That person gave a bitter smile. “Your subordinate is unable to do so.”

When it came to divination, many people only knew that it could predict the future and see through everything.

However, they did not know that there were many taboos in it.

The slightest carelessness could cause one’s body and soul to be destroyed.

Moreover, not everything could be calculated.

The more specific the matter was, the more difficult the divination was, and the greater the price to pay.

“You, Tian Fu, are the strongest expert in the Dao of divination here. Even you can’t calculate it. This world isn’t simple.”

They didn’t move for a long time, and the onlookers were puzzled.

After a discussion, the people from the Blood Flame Sect and the other factions made a decision.

They continued to at

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