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Chapter 156: Wu Yunfei Received a Reward to Strengthen the Emperor Artifact Formation

In the dark void of the universe, a slightly glowing flying ship was moving quickly.

There were three young people on it. They were Wu Yunfei, Zhao Hang, and Li Tianci.

Zhao Hang revealed a part of his true form and connected it to the core of the flying ship’s formation, providing power to the flying ship.

Just as the three of them were cultivating in this state, spots of golden light appeared in the quiet flying ship.

“What is this thing?”

Zhao Hang, who had the deepest cultivation, was the first to notice the abnormality.

When they opened their eyes, more and more golden spots flew toward the three of them.

There was no way to avoid them in the flying ship. They formed protective light barriers and started to shield themselves from the sudden appearance of the golden light.

However, it had no effect. The golden light was abnormally mysterious and directly penetrated through their protective light shields.

“Eh, the effect of this thing is extraordinary!”

Wu Yunfei was both surprised and happy.

Because his reward was the most generous, those light spots landed on his body first.

A strong aura came from his body.

After all, it was the profound yellow qi of virtue. As soon as the golden light landed on his body, a great deal of spiritual qi began to pour into his body.

The three people who were barely maintaining the spiritual qi in their bodies in the void were instantly replenished, and their strength was still slowly increasing.

“This seems to be the legendary profound yellow qi of virtue!”

Zhao Hang, who was the oldest in his original body, was the first to realize what this was. He was both surprised and happy.

Countless blue and green light spots interweaved as they landed on his body. Those were the Dao patterns of his divine ability.

Wu Yunfei was not much different from him. All sorts of densely packed array patterns appeared on his body.

These were the array patterns engraved on his body by the inheritance of the Yellow Dao Palace.

Li Tianci’s tightly furrowed brows also relaxed.

He had been feeling unwell all this while because he had used up too much of his life force.

During the time he had been sailing on the flying boat, his condition had not been good.

In fact, he had been a little worried that he would not be able to reach the Heavenly Mortal World.

But now, this unexpected gold qi of virtue was rapidly replenishing his energy.

Li Tianci’s initially white and red hair began to change.

The strange red color quickly faded away, and his white hair slowly turned black.

The faint wrinkles on his forehead also began to smooth over.

“Brother Li, now you don’t have to worry about your body.”

Seeing his change, Wu Yunfei was very happy.

Zhao Hang was also extremely excited, “This is heaven helping us. This is the spark before the

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