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In the next moment.

Countless mystical words revolved in Ye Changge’s mind.

The countless words finally formed a text.

“Tiangang One Qi Technique”

In the next moment, a crack appeared in the sky.

A series of powerful auras crazily surged into Ye Changge’s body.

At that moment, countless auras mixed with the power of the Indestructible Golden Body Technique in his body and started to form a new type of power.

The Tiangang qi that surged in crazily rampaged inside Ye Changge’s body.

His Tiangang One Qi Technique revolved rapidly and changed.

The Tiangang qi surged in crazily, and with the help of the Tiangang One Qi Technique, Ye Changge’s body started to transform into a hybrid of sorts.

The power of the Indestructible Golden Body Technique was mixed within, and it quickly formed into another even more powerful force.


“The Tiangang One Qi Technique and the Indestructible Golden Body Technique interacted with each other. The host has obtained the Indestructible Tiangang Body.”

In the outside world, an endless amount of strange phenomena appeared.

The people of the Heavenly Mortal World had long since noticed the changes in the sky.

Although everything in the Heavenly Mortal World was constantly changing, causing the strange phenomena to become somewhat commonplace.

However, the strange phenomenon this time still reminded them of Ye Changge.

There was no other reason. This strange phenomenon was too similar to the one he created when he was trying to break through to the Great Emperor Realm.

In the sky, there were endless strange phenomena.

There were giants splitting open the sky, gods mending the sky, gods and devils fighting.

There were golden lotuses surging from the Earth, flowers falling from the sky, and immortals flying into the sky.

The secrets of the heavens flashed.

Countless experts in the Heavenly Mortal World were alarmed.

Ye Changge felt his body changing rapidly.

His body was being torn apart bit by bit.

Countless powerful auras fused into his new body.

Ye Changge’s body was being reshaped once again.

His strength was becoming stronger, his aura was becoming stronger, and his constitution was also increasing. His entire body was becoming stronger.

Spirit qi was also being stirred up at this moment, and all of the energy was being poured into him crazily.

Be it killing intent, blood qi, spiritual energy, or Earth qi.

All the energy had become Ye Changge’s power.


Ye Changge felt a chaotic aura appear in his body.

The aura spun rapidly, giving off a feeling of endless vitality.

“Perhaps, with just a little bit more luck, I can break through to the next realm.”

“This is the first time I can clearly feel that the Emperor Realm is just so-so.”

“Thank you, Emperor Zhulu. It seems you are indeed different from other Emperors.”

Although Ye Changge did not know the reason, he could

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