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Chapter 151: Exorcism, A Strange Existence

As time passed, more and more cursed items were found.

All the forces that found these items were shocked and broke out in cold sweat.

After feeling the dark aura of the magic artifacts or talismans hidden in their own sects, when they thought about their power, no one could remain calm.

The members of the Hidden Edge Sect came and left slowly under such circumstances.

They could remain calm, but the sects that had been rescued could not.

In addition, the position of the Hidden Edge Sect was now there, and countless sects were trying to send gifts.

Therefore, following closely behind the Vast Sea Divine Church were the large forces that sent gifts to express their gratitude.

During the days when Sect Master Ding was preparing to go into seclusion to transcend the tribulations, almost all of the miscellaneous matters of the Hidden Edge Sect were handed over to Abbot Qing Cang.

These people who came to express their gratitude were all received by him. Although they were very tired, he was at ease.

This was a glorious moment that the Hidden Edge Sect had never experienced before.

After Ye Changge and his disciples cleaned up the things that were left on the ground, they carried out the next step of their plan.

“The underground of the Mortal World is more interesting than I imagined.”

Ye Changge brought his disciples to Reclining Firewood Peak’s cave heaven to see the images he summoned.

There were many figures in dozens of scenes, big and small.

Each scene was an underground cave or an underground world.

“Master, where are these places?” Li Shiyi asked in puzzlement.

“In Heavenly Mortal World, no matter where in the five regions, there seems to be something in the deepest part of the underground.”

“The images shown here are everywhere except for the eastern region.”

“And the hole in the underground of the eastern region is actually the largest. However, I have already resolved the matter of the Qi Huang clan in the eastern region.”

After the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World was restored and the World Barrier was established, the precision of Ye Changge’s probing through this large array had increased.

Under such circumstances, he began to find out what he had overlooked previously.

“Although the five subterranean regions aren’t connected, they are still small worlds.”

Looking at all of this, he sighed.

“Apart from the underground, there are also many things in the air.”

Yu Tianxing sighed.

She still remembered the appearance of so many extraterrestrial devils when they were in the air.

“I already understand the situation underground. I haven’t discovered anything particularly dangerous. I’ll leave this place alone for now.”

Ye Changge could not be bothered to care about those underground recluses or other existences.

In any case, as long as those people did not drag her down in the

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