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Chapter 143: Powerful Qi of Virtue

Yu Tianxing was very happy.

The effect of the qi of virtue was beyond her imagination.

“It’s so powerful! I can feel that my comprehension of the laws is increasing crazily!”

“No matter what kind of cultivation I do, my speed is increasing. I can’t wait to return to the cave heaven.”

‘I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve got plenty of resources.’

Yu Tianxing’s training speed is very fast.

Soon, she was going beyond her limits, to a speed that most people could not imagine.

And the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven also infinitely elevated her upper limit.

“These things complement each other and I believe I will soon be stronger than I was before.”

In the past, becoming an Emperor was something that Yu Tianxing was very proud of.

Now, she realized that an Emperor was only so-so.

Even when she established the Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty in her previous life and suppressed her entire life.

After all, at that time, she still needed to treat the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World with respect as if it were her senior.

And the Giant Pillar had never been very enthusiastic about the Heavenly Mortal World’s Emperors.

But now, after she became Ye Changge’s disciple, she could look at the Giant Pillar’s stele as she pleased without any restrictions.

“Very soon, I’ll return to the Great Emperor Realm! Once again, I’ll be acknowledged by the Heavenly Dao!”

With her heart burning with passion, Yu Tianxing absorbed the profound yellow virtuous qi that surrounded her.

North pole.

Li Shiyi closed his eyes as the Green Lotus Sword bone circulated at full power.

A powerful spiritual qi vortex surrounded his body.

The profound yellow virtue qi quickly entered his body.

The Green Lotus Sword that was rotating was slowly colored with golden light.

Golden threads appeared and slowly intertwined with the sword qi. It looked colorful and dreamy.

In contrast to the gorgeous appearance, the sword qi had an astonishing destructive power.

The Nether Lord was beside him, absorbing the aura of virtue while looking at Li Shiyi.

He kept shaking his head in disbelief.

“Is this the strongest disciple of the strongest faction in the human world? It’s truly amazing.”

“And according to Li Shiyi, he’s the most useless of the three disciples of the Hidden Edge Emperor.”

The Nether Lord looked at the yellow light spots on his body and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He had controlled the Asura Ghost Region for many years and finally freed the Qi Huang clan to attack the people of the Asura Ghost Region.

They even dragged him to become the subordinates of the enemy force, the Hidden Edge sect.

Now, they could gain so many benefits by following him.

“This is the Emperor. Time and fate.”

The Nether Lord was no longer conflicted. He slowly closed his eyes and began to comprehend the power of his virtue, the myster

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