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Ye Changge was on top of the Hidden Edge Sect to investigate the news of everyone in the universe.

According to what his spiritual senses told him, he discovered that not only were there many people in this batch, but they all did not belong to the same camp.

“Interesting, the power systems these people cultivate are all different. If I go to those places in the future to sign-in, I should be able to obtain sufficient benefits.”

After so many years, Ye Changge had also understood some characteristics of the system.

Signing-in at different places would give him different rewards.

If the signing up location had its own unique characteristics, then the rewards would change according to the local situation.

He speculated that the system’s rewards might not have appeared out of thin air.

Perhaps it could absorb or change something in the current space-time to create a reward.

“That hidden white-haired old man should be the most powerful existence among these people.”

“I wonder if he’ll make a move this time.”

Ye Changge activated the World Barrier’s grand array as he made some calculations internally.

The disciples of the sacred lands who were still there checking and adapting to the new grand Emperor Artifact Formation were the first to notice the abnormality in the air.

“What’s there?”

“It should be the Hidden Edge Emperor again. Is there something in the nearby universe?”

“Not necessarily. Last time, the target of the attack was those stars in the sky. It was also during that time that I learned that there were so many sky demons up there.”

Lu Zhongshan, the new owner of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy, Yu Dong, and some other experts of the sacred lands raised their heads to look at the boundless starry sky.

“We can’t even help in such a battle. It feels like our sects can’t keep up with the times.”

Hearing Lu Zhongshan’s exclamation, Yu Dong also felt a sense of sorrow.

The various sacred lands were once so glorious.

Unfortunately, their glory was no longer there. They could not participate in such a battle.

Their levels were too far apart.

Thinking of this, the two sacred lords felt complex emotions.

The World Barrier was fully operational.

As a result, many experts from other worlds also came to the outskirts of the Mortal World one after another.

“Eh? Why doesn’t it match what the intelligence said? Isn’t this world just protected by a formation made up of Emperor artifacts? Why is there a World Barrier?”

The people from the Blood Flame Sect whispered.

They had received the information before coming.

After all, it was the last bit of information left behind by those quasi-emperors before they died.

But now, everything had changed.

It was very easy to attack a world without a World Barrier.

Just like the world they destroyed along the way.

There, they did whatever they wanted and gained a lot.

“Could it be that the Worl

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