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Chapter 138: Left the Myriad Flowers World

When they saw Li Tianci, many people started speculating.

They suspected that Wu Yunfei and the others already knew the location of the inheritance.

This was not just an experiment. They already had a feasible plan to find the inheritance.

The Righteous Path and the demon race did not stop them.

After the refinement, they knew that the flying ship had the ability to sail.

Taking into account Zhao Hang, it was enough to sail for a longer distance.

Even if they were going to search for the inheritance, it would be reasonable for them to set off now.

Li Tianci must have set off to confirm the core location.

Everyone watched as the flying ship started to move.

A beautiful flame drew an arc in the sky.

Many cultivators watched.

Some wanted to fly too, but found it impossible to keep up with the flying ship’s speed.

Meanwhile, the people of the Righteous Path were waiting for their return. After all, when that time came, they would receive the inheritance and receive the reward.

Moreover, if the experiment was successful, it would be a great contribution if they could set up a bridge for the Emperor to come to the Myriad Flowers World in the future.

After all, once the formation and refinement techniques broke through, the Myriad Flowers World would be able to repair the World Barrier.

At that time, it would be their turn to use the flying ship to attack the outer realm of the Heavenly Devil Realm.

Just as the flying ship was about to fly out of the south pole hole, an accident occurred.

Zhao Hang appeared at the edge of the flying ship and quickly threw down two balls of light.

One flew towards Lei Guang, while the other headed straight for the Myriad Swords Sect’s master, Yun Nan.

As the strongest experts of the two major factions, they would not allow that thing to fall into the hands of others.

When they saw the jade slip, they were shocked.

It was actually the inheritance portion of the Yellow Dao Palace.

It was the essence Wu Yunfei had picked out.

He was worried that after he left, he would lack the formation techniques of the Yellow Dao Palace, and the formation of the south pole void would not be successful.

Anyway, he was going to the Heavenly Mortal Realm to find an Emperor to learn a more powerful inheritance, so the cultivation techniques of the Yellow Dao Palace were not that important anymore.

Although Wu Yunfei’s plan was very detailed and he was very confident, the road ahead was still fraught with danger.

Before they left, it was their duty to do their part for the Myriad Flowers World.

Li Tianci and Zhao Hang did not object to this matter.

After all, no matter who it was, they could obtain this inheritance directly.

If they all went to another world, everyone would have a chance to become the Emperor’s disciple.

Everything depended on their own luck.



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