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Chapter 120: The Quasi-emperor of the Outer Realm Has Arrived, and the Emperor Artifact Formation Has Been Activated

The more Li Yuanying thought about it, the more terrified she felt.

Before this, the sacred lands had considered the Hidden Edge Emperor as an ordinary Emperor.

“Could it be that the Hidden Edge Emperor isn’t an ordinary Emperor at all? Is he an even more powerful existence that only appeared with the cultivation of an Emperor?”

“We have to change our relationship with the Hidden Edge Emperor. We have to change our attitude. Otherwise, the Vast Sea Divine Church that has existed for tens of thousands of years will be cut off in this generation!”

Li Yuanying made up her mind.

After giving the order, she sat on the chair in a daze. Thinking about the Hidden Edge Emperor’s previous actions, she was momentarily stunned.

Hidden Edge Sect, Reclining Firewood Peak.

Ye Changge had just completed a phase of his goal and planned to take a break.

It just so happened that all the disciples were in front of him. They had not been reunited yet.

“Disciples, this is your younger sister, Yu Tianxing. She is the reincarnation of Emperor Tianxing and has already awakened her wisdom.”

Ye Changge introduced the two disciples to each other.

“Tianxing, your eldest brother, He Xiuxing, looks like a mortal, but in reality, he is no ordinary person. He cultivates the Boundless Dao Scripture of Motion and Quietness. His cultivation method is unique, and he is becoming stronger all the time.”

The two disciples greeted each other.

He Xiuxing smiled foolishly.

He was pure of heart, and his personality was honest. He saw the reincarnation of a legendary Emperor become his younger sister, but he had no other thoughts.

He was only happy that he had a younger sister, and happy that his master had taken in a disciple.

Yu Tianxing, on the other hand, had a completely different feeling.

After her own observations, she discovered the difference in He Xiuxing’s cultivation.

As she continued to observe and ponder, she was shocked.

“Is this my eldest brother? How strange! The axe on his back seems to have been bestowed by master as well?”

Yu Tianxing carefully observed and discovered more.

“Although this senior brother is ordinary, he reveals his extraordinariness in small ways. There seems to be Dao luck circulating around his body?”

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became.

Li Shiyi went forward affectionately and hugged He Xiuxing.

Ye Changge saw the disciples interacting and turned his gaze away, turning his eyes to the yellow dog that He Xiuxing had brought with him.

Feeling his gaze, the yellow dog’s body tensed up, not moving at all.

“Master, this is Big Huang. I picked it up outside and it has accompanied me for a very long time. I haven’t introduced it to you before.”

Ye Changge smiled and did not mind.

The dog was an o

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