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Chapter 127: Ways of Entertaining the Whole Nation. Bu Yi Zhenren’s Worries


Along with a series of strange fluctuations, the large and small water screens suspended high in the sky of the entire Heavenly Mortal Realm began to display an image.

In the image, the Hidden Edge Emperor was emitting a faint golden light. No one could see his face clearly as he was refining the array base.

Countless array cultivators were extremely excited.

Even if they couldn’t understand it, they still had to watch.

Due to this matter, the Mortal World, which lacked entertainment, was filled with people.

Almost everyone was looking at the sky.

After all, a formation used the power of heaven and earth and the laws of the Heavenly Dao.

Ye Changge’s every action was in accordance with the Heavenly Dao. Even if they could not understand it, they still found it very beautiful.

Countless children from the countryside were running everywhere. The little ones covered in mud were also looking up at the screen in a daze.

Some of the talented little ones seemed to be able to understand many truths from it.

This caused the foundation of the entire Heavenly Mortal World to rise because in the many years that followed, more children suitable for cultivation were born.

If this was the case for children, it was even more so for those geniuses who were successful in cultivation.

In the Bone Eroding Palace, Yan Huamao was the strongest amongst the younger generation of disciples. He was considered one of the top disciples.

He stared blankly at the water screen in the sky, his left hand constantly gesturing to something.

In the distance, a few of his fellow disciples looked at him in puzzlement.

“What is Brother Yan doing?”

“I don’t know. He seems to be looking at the Hidden Edge Emperor’s array formation.”

“Array formation? Isn’t Brother Yan a sword cultivator? Why is he looking at the Hidden Edge Emperor’s array formation?”

“Then who knows? Maybe Brother Yan is talented and powerful, and he can use this to comprehend the way of the sword.”

Yan Huamao stood out in the Bone Eroding Palace after all, and it was inevitable that he would be envied by others.

At this moment, someone saw his incomprehensible manner and mocked him.

Hearing the discussion of those disciples, Yan Huamao ignored them and continued to gesture.

Time passed quickly, and the sun set in the west.

Ye Changge had refined a large array for a day, and Yan Huamao had also watched it for a day.

During this time, hundreds of disciples from the Bone Eroding Palace saw him gesturing here.

Some stopped to watch, some discussed, some mocked him, and some imitated him as they looked at the water screen in the sky.

Fortunately, Yan Huamao’s status in the sect was not low. Although there were people mocking him, no one came to interrupt him.

Soon, the Hidden Edge Emperor finished refining some array bases an

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