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Chapter 118: The Changes in Heaven and Earth

The Giant Pillar seemed to be expanding without limit, and the immense pressure rapidly radiated to the entire world.

Countless beings knelt down and prayed in this direction.

The Heavenly Mortal World was responding to this major event.

When the Giant Pillar expanded to its limit, the base went straight into the deepest part of the Earth, and the stone monument was fixed at the highest point in the sky of the Heavenly Mortal World.


The entire world was shaking.

The rules of the Mortal World were changing.

Many people felt that something was different.


With the last loud bang that resounded throughout the world, the Giant Pillar disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Through Ye Changge’s perception, the Giant Pillar seemed to be hidden in the world, just like the relationship between the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven and the Hidden Edge Sect.

“This is… the world is starting to develop and grow again?”

Ye Changge keenly noticed the changes in the world.

After the cave heaven stopped releasing spiritual energy, the concentration of spiritual energy began to decrease.

However, Ye Changge discovered that the amount and concentration of spiritual energy was still slightly higher than before.

If it were not for someone like him who was of an extremely high realm and who cultivated extremely deeply, it would hardly be noticed.

In addition, Ye Changge also discovered that the laws of the world were even clearer.

It was as if it was easier for him to comprehend the circulation of the Heavenly Dao.

“The Giant Pillar itself is a strange existence that supports the growth of the heaven and Earth. Now that it has recovered, it would not be strange for the Heavenly Mortal World to continue becoming stronger.”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid that some people’s cultivation will become easier. Many mortals will also awaken their talents and step onto the path of cultivation.”

“I wonder if the system will issue more disciple accepting missions at that time.”

With this thought in mind, Ye Changge descended and returned to the Hidden Edge Sect.

Those who were still lying on the ground quickly stood up.

The Hidden Edge Sect disciples were filled with admiration and disbelief.

Under the intense changes in the world just now, they finally saw the Hidden Edge Emperor clearly.

Ye Changge! The person who had cultivated for ten years on Reclining Firewood Peak, who with the exception of his good looks, had no other characteristics or deeds that could be remembered by others. Now, he was actually the current Emperor of the Hidden Edge Sect!

The Hidden Edge Emperor was actually so young!

The people in the outside world were not clear about this.

However, the people in the Hidden Edge Sect were all looking at Ye Changge in disbelief.

This fact was too shocking, and they were unable to accept it.

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