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Chapter 134: The Group of Disciples From the Myriad Flowers World Was Formed

Li Tianci was very surprised to see Wu Yunfei walking towards him.

As a devil cultivator with a bitter and vengeful look on his face, he thought that no one would come looking for him.

“Who are you? What’s the matter?”

His words were simple and concise.

“I am Wu Yunfei. I have some matters to discuss with the two of you. I hope that we can find a quiet place to chat.”

Hearing this, Li Tianci was stunned.

Unlike Zhao Hang, the demon cultivator, he had heard of Wu Yunfei.

He was known as the number one person in the array path of the younger generation. He was an unaffiliated cultivator who had fought for many years in the south pole.

Then, he looked at Zhao Hang.

“I didn’t expect the strongest array master of the younger generation to be with the strongest demon cultivator of the younger generation. Then, I will listen to what you have to say.”

Soon, they rented a secret room.

It had to be said that the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path were very good at business.

After the array was activated and the news was covered, Wu Yunfei started to explain.

“Since the two of you are already here, you must be here to buy the photographic stone. What do you think of the nameless Emperor?”

They did not expect him to ask this question, and they were both confused.

“The nameless Emperor is naturally very powerful and has a high level of cultivation,” Zhao Hang replied.

Li Tianci seemed to think that this question was too childish, and he fell silent.

“I’ll get straight to the point. The nameless Emperor has done me a great favor. I have a way to leave the Myriad Flowers World, and I hope that I can go to that world to learn from him.”

“Now I have enough plans to fly in space, but I need your help.”

Soon, Wu Yunfei told them his plan.

Zhao Hang and Li Tianci were stunned.

They did not expect to hear such a crazy plan.

“You want to rely on the three of us to fly through the universe?”

“Between the three of us, not one is a cultivator of the upper three realms. Who can guarantee our safety?”

Zhao Hang was extremely surprised.

He could not understand.

Li Tianci was already a little angry.

“I’m not related to you. You want me to use my lifespan to calculate the location of the Emperor’s world? What is in it for me?”

Wu Yunfei was also silent.

He did not know how to convince the two of them.

After thinking about all he had to offer, Wu Yunfei felt that only the inheritance of the Yellow Dao palace was the most valuable.

‘In any case, if I go to that world and become a disciple of that world, I can cultivate to a stronger inheritance. And if they take the risk with me, it’s only right to give it to them.’

Having made up his mind, Wu Yunfei gritted his teeth and told them about the process of obtaining the inheritance of the Yellow Dao Palace and the contents o

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