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Chapter 141: Strange Phenomena

The sudden appearance of the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World attracted the attention of countless people.

Those experts who had left their own sect or sent their own people or spirit beasts also noticed it.

Many experts had the means to communicate with each other from afar. When strange phenomena suddenly appeared, they all chose to ask others about the situation.

“Brother Zheng Bei, are there any strange movements in the south? A tsunami just appeared in West Ocean.”

“Brother Lin, the earth here just shook dozens of times. Currently, my spiritual pet is investigating the news.”

“The sudden appearance of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar, is it because our Heavenly Mortal World has discovered something else?”

“It seems like a strange existence is attacking the Heavenly Mortal World. I have detected that something is constantly descending from the north pole.”

“Don’t worry, I’m about to reach the Li Tian mountain range at the south pole. There seems to be a battle erupting there.”

“I’m here too! A powerful battle aura, I can see it even from so far away.”

“It’s at least a battle between the upper three realms! What’s going on? Why did such an intense battle suddenly erupt in the world?”

Such a conversation did not only occur in one place.

Some people could feel that something miraculous was happening.

Soon, four thick beams of light shot out from the top of the Giant Pillar, heading straight towards the four poles.





The unique fluctuations of the Giant Pillar began to spread crazily in four directions.

Under the violent fluctuations, regardless of whether they were mortals or cultivators, everyone was shocked.

“The Heavenly Mortal World isn’t peaceful. Why is there another wave before it’s settled? Is there another external enemy?”

“Last time, the Giant Pillars didn’t show themselves. This time, the Giant Pillars have come out.”

“Could it be that there’s something that even the Emperor can’t solve on his own and something that requires the help of the Giant Pillars?”

Everyone was discussing this matter.

At this moment, no one was in the mood to do anything else.

Everyone could see at least two anomalies.

One was the appearance of the Giant Pillar and the thick beams of light shooting straight towards the four poles.

The other was an anomaly in the direction of the poles.

In the east, an intense golden light appeared, incomparably dazzling.

In the west, cracks appeared in the sky, as if the sky had been cut open.

In the south, purple flames filled the sky, evaporating the heaven and earth.

In the north, green sword qi crisscrossed, and a huge lotus flower appeared.

Other than the most eye-catching phenomena, there were also quite a few smaller images.

Huge lights continuously erupted in the sky, and dense spots of light appeared. After that, these spots

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