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Chapter 132: The Eight Sects of the Righteous Path Each Had Their Own Plans

During the meeting, these sects argued intensely.

“Why can’t we send more? If the Emperor comes, we can send more gifts to show our sincerity.”

“I won’t stop you from sending more, but the Black Array Sect received the most care from the Emperor. We must express our gratitude for the most benefits.”

The two Sinans in the hands of the Profound Array Sect’s master, Sima Lei spun slowly, emitting a mysterious aura.

“Then according to what you said, those array masters should also give gifts. However, the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path don’t have any weapon refining sects.”

“So you want the weapon refining master alliance to join as well?”

Upon hearing these words, the sect master of the Five Elements Sect, Zhao Xing, mocked him.

Unfortunately, everyone here was very thick-skinned.

“Forget it then. Their power level isn’t high enough, so they can’t represent our Myriad Flowers World. When we meet for the first time, there will definitely be rules.”

Sima Lei immediately retorted.

After all, if the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path were to join together to give gifts, it would already be eight sects. If they joined forces, it would be even harder to leave a strong impression.

“There are many disciples of our Heavenly Sword Sect who have gained enlightenment when they were under the protection of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror. They have broken through their strength. We should send more as well.”

The sect master of the Myriad Swords Sect was not around. Yun Xi was the representative of the Myriad Swords Sect.

“I also agree with this idea. The people of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror have been guarding the sacred item waterfall day and night. Many disciples have gained enlightenment.”

The sect master of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror sect said calmly, “And all of you are improving as disciples. I am the sect master of my sect as is Patriarch Ling Hua. Our improvement has a huge impact.”

Soon, everyone was talking about how much they had received and how they should repay it.

The topic gradually shifted to who gave what away.

“Our Heavenly Water Moon Mirror is good at the Dao of Heaven’s secrets, and the nameless Emperor is obviously not good at it. We can talk about expanding part of our inheritance.”

When these words were said, the people in charge were all shocked.

They did not think that Heavenly Water Moon Mirror would be so willing to spend money.

That was the inheritance of their own sect!

It was the inheritance of one of the eight strongest sects in the world!

But very quickly, they all reacted.

So what if they had all passed down the inheritance?

The nameless Emperor was an Emperor!

Even from his current performance, it was likely that the Emperor was not his true strength.

There had been Emperors in each of the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path.


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