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Chapter 116: A Crazy Increase in the Concentration of Spiritual Energy

As the spiritual energy from the cave heaven poured into the Mortal World…

The members of the Hidden Edge Sect all felt the atmosphere become heavy.

No one had ever experienced such a concentration of spiritual energy.

The overly concentrated spiritual energy almost condensed into a liquid and dispersed in all areas of the space, almost clogging the pores of the people.

The expressions of the Murong family members were almost frozen.

They did not know what exactly had happened.

However, they knew one thing. It was very likely that the Hidden Edge Emperor’s operation would succeed.

“What is this? How can there be such dense spiritual energy?”

Murong Sheng asked the Murong family members beside him in disbelief.

No one could answer his question.

Those who were experiencing this magical experience in the Sea of Spiritual Qi were unable to express their shock.

Li Shiyi had never thought that his cultivation method would automatically cultivate and operate without him using it at all.

“I’ve only heard master say that eldest brother’s cultivation condition is like this. I never thought that I would be able to experience it one day.”

Li Shiyi muttered to himself.

Yu Tianxing, who was beside him, had a smile on her face.

She had entered the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven a long time ago, so she had more experience than Li Shiyi. Through simple calculations, she knew that the density of spiritual energy in the cave heaven could reach a terrifying level.

Everyone in the Hidden Edge Sect had shocked and satisfied expressions on their faces.

Many people sat down on the ground and began to cultivate.

They could not bear the temptation of such spiritual energy.

The Giant Pillar also began to tremble.

As the spiritual energy was abundant and the materials were replenished, the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World began to slowly recover.

Outside the Hidden Edge Sect, Ye Changge, who was observing through the divine water screen, saw that everyone in the sacred land of the Hidden Edge Sect were somewhat puzzled.

The mortals and cultivators were even more puzzled.

They saw that all the members of the Hidden Edge Sect were shocked, then delighted and puzzled. In the end, all of them sat down on the ground and began to cultivate.

After all, spiritual energy couldn’t be seen. The water screen could only see people’s actions and nothing else.

The sacred lords of the sacred land watched as Ye Changge continued to refine and fuse with the Giant Pillar. They continued to activate the Emperor Artifact Formation and continued to curse.

But as time passed, these people also discovered that something was wrong.

“What’s going on? What’s going on? Why is the restoration of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillars going on normally?”

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s lord asked in confusion.


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