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Chapter 121: The Powerful Quasi-emperor of the Outer Realms

When the Emperor Artifact Formation was activated, the entire Heavenly Mortal World was shaken.

This was the first time the Emperor Artifact Formation had been activated to its full strength to deal with the enemy.

This was something that had never happened before.

In the five regions, everyone saw nearly twenty beams of light shoot up into the sky.

Because the water screen had not been removed, mortals and cultivators habitually gathered in cities to communicate with each other.

“What happened? Why did such a powerful light suddenly appear?”

“It seems like the Emperor Artifact Formation has been activated. Are there any enemies in the sacred land?”

“Don’t tell me they’re going to attack the Hidden Edge Emperor!”

“Why would they attack the Hidden Edge Emperor for no reason?”

“They’re all dumbfounded. Of course, it’s because of their huge conflict. Now that the Hidden Edge Emperor is so powerful, he’ll definitely be stronger in the future. If we don’t kill him this time, won’t we be suppressed forever?”

Someone acted as if he understood it and explained to the people around him.

Such discussions did not just arise in the city. They also could be heard in all the major cultivation powers, sects, and sacred lands.

Many people’s hearts clenched.

If the Hidden Edge Emperor and the sacred lands fought, then they would definitely be affected.

They had expended a lot of effort to restore the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World, and their spiritual energy had increased. They did not even get to enjoy the benefits of the laws.

If they were to die from the formation, they would truly die with regrets.


The huge pillars of light that shot up to the sky above the formation instantly connected together. A huge light barrier formed in the sky above the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

At this moment, dozens of black spots appeared in the sky.

“Look, what is that thing?”

“Where? I don’t see anything abnormal.”

“I’m talking about the thing outside the array, above the light barrier. Look! It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

As the quasi-emperor from the outer realm got closer, countless mortals noticed the abnormality in the air.

Other than the abnormality caused by the Emperor Artifact Formation, the spots that kept appearing farther and farther away were getting bigger and bigger.

Soon, as if they had entered a place, red halos appeared around the spots.

“That’s them entering the Heavenly Mortal Realm! What is that thing? It’s creating a huge friction with the atmosphere above the Heavenly Mortal Realm.”

A cultivator asked loudly.

“Could it be a meteorite that fell from the sky? Are we about to be attacked by a meteorite? Is that why the Emperor Artifact Formation was activated?”

Some cultivators had seen the meteorite falling from the sky when Ye Changge had broken through to the Empero

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