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In the Heavenly Mortal World, Ye Changge smiled faintly.

“Looks like some interesting people are coming.”

He could sense that someone was approaching him because of the karmic energy.

Without needing to think, he knew that that person was his future disciple.

After all, other than those disciples who had yet to pass, only Bu Yi Zhenren was outside.

And this time, he sensed more than one being.

But now was not the time to think about this.

“After so long, the World Barrier can finally be set up. It can finally become operational.”

Soon, he had arranged everything.

Hearing that he was going to set up the World Barrier, all the people who received the order were excited.

Without any refusal, everyone set off.

The leaders were naturally Ye Changge’s three disciples.

More than ten light beams quickly passed through the vicinity of the sea and entered the edge of West Ocean.

The leader was a simple figure flying. It was He Xiuxing.

The few sea monsters in the underwater kingdom sensed the powerful aura and did not stop it.

They were just wondering why so many experts were heading to the far west of West Ocean.

What had happened there? Or were there benefits?

Therefore, two of them quietly followed He Xiuxing and the others and headed to the far west of the West Ocean.

They were ready to spy on them, and it would be even better if they could find some benefits.

Not long after, He Xiuxing and the others arrived at their destination.

They saw a dark mountain that stretched for millions of miles and went straight into the void.

Occasionally, other colors would appear on the mountain. They were spiritual herbs and spiritual objects that could only grow in this special environment.

The few of them flew higher and higher. Soon, they broke through the clouds and saw the top of the mountain in the far west of West Ocean.

It was a vast and boundless platform that spanned hundreds of thousands of miles.

The platform was full of strange black stones. There was not a hint of life on it.

On the other side of the platform was the back of the westernmost land of the West Ocean, where one could see the endless void beyond the world.

Ye Changge had come here long ago to take a look, so he was very familiar with this location of West Ocean.

He had set up the World Barrier, and the location array base he set up in the west was here.

He Xiuxing knew the specific location and continued to fly toward the center of the mountain peak

“It’s here,” he said, pointing at a slightly protruding rock in the center of the mountain.

The others said nothing and were on high alert. They silently watched He Xiuxing take out an array disk and put it away.

The array disk had powerful and mysterious array patterns on it.

It was the agreed time, and no one had sent a message to the flying sword asking for a delay. Ye Changge did not send a message either.

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