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Chapter 122: The Power of the Emperor Artifact Formation

The people around knew that this old man was a powerful cultivator and a master blacksmith. His words were authoritative.

All of a sudden, many mortals began to ask questions.

“Master Lian, isn’t the quasi-emperor realm the strongest realm below Emperors? Isn’t it natural for ten quasi-emperors to be strong?”

“That’s right. Master Lian, please explain. The sacred lords of the Emperor Artifact Formation aren’t quasi-emperors.”

“It’s more like their hidden ancestors emerged. Those ancestors should all have the strength of quasi-emperors.”

“What are you thinking about? Other than those top-tier sacred lands, such as the Heavenly Tower of Legacy and Heavenly Star City, how could the other forces have quasi-emperors?”

There were too many people asking questions, and all of a sudden, everyone started to discuss it.

Lian Yunfeng casually paused for a few sentences, and he knew that these people’s cultivation was too low. They only knew that quasi-emperors were very strong.

“Everyone, listen to my explanation.”

Lian Yunfeng, who had always been collecting human heart flames to refine artifacts, had wandered the mortal world many times. He had long been used to dealing with mortals and low-level cultivators.

“What you said just now is correct, but you don’t know how strong a quasi-emperor is, nor do you know what the upper limit of a quasi-emperor is.

“The aura of the quasi-emperor shown on the screen far exceeds the limit of a quasi-emperor.

“The reason why the Heavenly Mortal World has always been a sacred land with Emperor artifacts is because Emperor artifacts are mysterious and incomparably powerful. Those quasi-emperors are unable to resist them

“But now, the alliance of ten quasi-emperors is already comparable to the alliance of more than ten Emperor artifacts. How is this possible?”

At the Hidden Edge Sect, Cheng He and Gongsun Yi were stunned when they saw this.

Although they did not use rare treasures to activate the power of heaven and Earth to set up the array, these people used their bodies as materials to set it up.

Although this method of setting up the array was different from what they were good at, it was still the Dao of array formation.

The two powerful grandmasters were stunned.

They understood the power of that array better than Lian Yunfeng.

“What is this? Cheng He, have you ever heard of an array that can allow a quasi-emperor’s strength to cross the chasm and reach the level of an Emperor?”

“I don’t know either. How can the natural chasm between an Emperor and a quasi-emperor be crossed by external forces?”

The two looked at each other in disbelief.

This array formation went against the rules of the Heavenly Dao!

“Perhaps the Emperor knows,” Gongsun Yi suddenly said.

“Yes, the Emperor himself is very powerful, and he has such a powerful array formation technique. He definit

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