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Chapter 125: The Attention of the Universe, News of Bu Yi Zhenren

A powerful pressure came to the sacred land.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy lord, the Wan Xiang Sect master, and the others chose to play dead.

They did not respond.

The Myriad Swords Gate and the others apologized publicly and changed their sect master or sect master.

Soon, they also used their own materials to apologise to the Hidden Edge Sect.

However, they did not apply to form an alliance.

Although the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy and the others played dead, the conflict became more and more acute.

This was because the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy and other Emperor artifacts were the core of the Emperor Artifact Formation.

The opposing sacred lands definitely did not want their Emperor artifacts to be controlled by Ye Changge.

And the sacred lands like the Vast Sea Divine Church did not want the Emperor Artifact Formation to be split up. They wanted Ye Changge to control it.

Countless people were denouncing the Heavenly Tower of Legacy.

However, the key person in this matter, the Hidden Edge Emperor, did not make any comments.

Sect Leader Ding had great hopes for this.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and went to Reclining Firewood Peak to look for Ye Changge to ask for his thoughts.

Ye Changge did not meet Sect Leader Ding. He was busy refining the foundation of the formation and was planning to set up a World Barrier.

It was still Li Shiyi who appeared and conveyed Ye Changge’s intentions.

“Sect leader, what master means is that he’s not interested. The Emperor Artifact Formation is too weak. The World Barrier should be the priority.”

These words almost choked Sect Leader Ding to death.

He stood below the Reclining Firewood Peak and thought for a long time. He almost doubted his own life.

In the end, he figured it out.

“This is the realm of an Emperor. The Emperor Artifact Formation is nothing to an Emperor. Only those sacred lands would care about it.”

“With the existence of an Emperor, we, the Hidden Edge Sect, have already surpassed the sacred lands. I have to act according to my status.”

Soon, the Hidden Edge Sect released a piece of news.

The Hidden Edge Emperor did not have any thoughts about the Emperor Artifact Formation.

This was because the Emperor Artifact Formation was too ordinary.

The Emperor wanted to set up a World Barrier.

When repairing the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World, the increase in spiritual energy and laws was even more obvious. Many people already knew about the characteristics of the Emperor Artifact Formation.

In comparison, the change in the environment brought about by the Emperor Artifact Formation was insignificant.

And the restoration of the Giant Pillar was only the most important part of setting up the World Barrier.

Now, with the core of the array and the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World, they

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