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Chapter 128: The Shocked Bu Yi Zhenren — the Emperor is My Disciple?

Bu Yi Zhenren had an ancient book in his hand.

It was records of a sect that had been left behind underground.

There were many records like this underground.

The book he was holding now contained some information about the Qi Huang clan.

“No matter how many times I read it, I’m still shocked that there’s a race that can make the sacred lands so miserable.”

Bu Yi Zhenren thought about the records he had read and sighed.

The Qi Huang clan was too powerful.

They absorbed killing and death Qi, and killing was their way of cultivation.

The more they killed, the stronger they became.

How could other forces fight against them?

In the era when Emperors had not appeared, the Qi Huang clan was almost the most powerful force.

They had caused a bloody storm in the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

Luckily, Emperor Zhulu had appeared and suppressed the entire world

“Unfortunately, the remaining existence of that force in the human world now hopes to release them and target the Hidden Edge Sect.”

Bu Yi Zhenren was very worried.

“The surviving underground clan is so powerful and strange. Once they appear, I’m afraid the entire world will be in chaos.”

He shifted his gaze to another booklet.

There were records of the exploration of the outer realm experts, as well as some deductions.

It was an investigation conducted by the extinct sect.

“Looking at the records of this sect, they were once a powerful sect. They still have the energy to care about the world’s major events.”

“Such a sect has disappeared in the long river of history. Can I, Hidden Edge, survive the great calamity and continue my legacy?”

There was a rare sense of pessimism in his heart.

Buyi Zhenren had rich experience and was very powerful; he was still able to survive the great calamity.

Moreover, he had traveled outside for many years and had many fortuitous encounters.

However, facing the great calamity of heaven and earth, facing the outer realm experts, facing the surviving underground clan, Asura Ghost Region, and so on, he appeared to be so powerless.

“Forget it. Humans can’t fight against the heavens. Since I really don’t have the ability to interfere, it’s better to look at the bigger picture.”

Suddenly, a faint light flashed, and a magical stream of light fell into the Bu Yi Zhenren’s palm.

The surrounding people did not notice this anomaly.

“A letter from the sect leader? It seems that the sect has already known about the message I sent and has begun to take action.”

It was a rare piece of good news, and Bu Yi Zhenren let out a slight sigh of relief.

With this thought in mind, he scanned it with his divine senses and looked at the jade slip that Sect Leader Ding had sent over.


Cough Cough Cough!

Bu Yi Zhenren’s eyes bulged, and he stood up in shock, spitting out the wine in his mouth.

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