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Chapter 137: The Plan Was Ready

Under the Array Path Sect’s large-scale operation, nothing could be concealed.

Soon, all the major factions knew of Wu Yunfei’s plan.

Of course, it was a plan that had been concealed.

Zhao Hang himself was a top genius of the demon clan.

The giant Canaan Tree, which had successfully evolved after surviving all sorts of disasters, had an immeasurable potential.

In addition, the monster race was basically in hiding right now, so they were more united than the human race in terms of their overall strength.

Therefore, Zhao Hang quickly received a summons from the clan.

“Zhao Hang, I heard that you’re working with a human?”

White thunder tiger demon, Lei Guang, an expert of the monster race, asked Zhao Hang.

As a top-tier expert, Lei Guang was an extremely powerful existence of the monster race in the Myriad Flowers World.

It was precisely because of a group of old fellows like him that the demi-human race had a peaceful cultivation environment.

“Yes, elder. That Wu Yunfei’s plan is very interesting, and I still have some trump cards that are enough for me to start over.”

“Looks like you understand the dangers of cooperating with humans? You’ve already hidden your trump cards, but is that so-called outer space voyage really worth you taking such a risk?”

Zhao Hang knew that the person opposite him was a top-tier expert. Not only was his strength extraordinary, but his intelligence was also extraordinary.

He was acting too aggressively now.

If he was unable to give a legitimate reason, he would not be able to explain why he was willing to take such a big risk and even risk his life.

However, if he said too much, it might make the demon race want to take it all for themselves or forcefully intervene.

And to tell the truth, it was even more impossible.

First of all, no one would believe that they could succeed. That would undoubtedly be a waste of resources.

Secondly, the demons did not want to lose this disciple of great potential.

If he went to another world, regardless of whether he could live or not, he would take a long time to return.

His heart was lively, and he quickly thought of a good reason.

“That Wu Yunfei has a special inheritance. It seems to be related to an inheritance somewhere outside the universe.”

“If we can cooperate with him successfully, we can obtain that inheritance. Both of us can share.”

“Compared to you, elder, you have also seen that one of Wu Yunfei’s special talents is that he can set up an array on his own body.”

“With my huge primary body, as long as I can set up an array on my own body, then my own combat power will increase exponentially.”

Lei Guang’s eyes tightened.

He carefully thought about the information he had gathered.

“That Wu Yunfei is indeed very strong, and his inheritance is special. In that case, he is very compatible with you.”

“So, after you cooperate w

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