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Chapter 135: Preparation Work

“Thank you for your trust. I will prepare the materials. Let’s exchange contact information.”

Wu Yunfei was a little excited. He trembled as he exchanged contact information with the two of them.

After the three of them finished their conversation, they separated.

After the incident with the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror, Wu Yunfei’s connections and foundation had become rich.

When he wanted to do something, the energy he had access to could be very terrifying.

Very soon, the refiners of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror, knew that Wu Yunfei needed a flying boat that could fly in the void.

“Wu Yunfei, what do you need that guy for? Do you still want to go out and fight with the extraterrestrial devils?”

“Don’t think about it. Although that thing can be refined, it requires too many materials, and the quality may not be good.”

Some people ridiculed him and some people advised him.

They all felt that it was impossible for Wu Yunfei to obtain such a thing.

“I have a design here. I obtained it during an expedition.”

Wu Yunfei did not say much to them. He took out the jade slip containing the flying boat design from the Yellow Dao Palace inheritance.

Very soon, those refiners became engrossed in it.

“Not bad, kid. You even have such a good treasure. You even took it out and showed it to me. Since that’s the case, I will refine this flying boat.”

“Scram! Little Wu, you know my strength. Let me build this thing of yours.”

“Scram, scram. None of you are qualified. There are many things in this flying boat that are similar to the array formation imparted by the Emperor. Although the levels are quite different, it’s a good opportunity to practice. No one can train on their own. Let’s do it together.”

The master craftsman of the Myriad Treasures Building, Zheng Xu, spoke.

Wu Yunfei was even happier.

With so many masters refining this flying boat, it would definitely be much faster than he thought.

“Other than the flying boat, I also need to set up these array formations to use with the flying boat. I wonder which array master is willing to cooperate with me.”

Wu Yunfei took out another jade slip and gave it to the array master in front of him.

This time, everyone knew that he was going to make a big move.

“Wu Yunfei, what is your big plan?”

“I have a big plan, but I can’t reveal it. I still have some savings from over the years. I hope that it can be used as a reward. I hope that someone will be willing to cooperate with me.”

His prestige and connections among the array masters naturally far exceeded that of the refiners.

Many masters knew that Wu Yunfei’s heritage was extraordinary and his array skills were powerful.

Many masters became interested and started to communicate with each other.

Wu Yunfei knew that he might never return.

If he did not find the Emperor, he would probably die in the void of the universe.

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