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Chapter 117: The Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World Recovered

The sacred lords of the sacred lands also noticed the spiritual qi drops on the cracked beetle’s shell.

The master of the Vast Sea Divine Church, Li Yuanying, was one of them.

Her face was extremely pale.

The giant divine bird standing in front of her also quietly moved away.

After all, Li Yuanying’s aura was unstable, and intense spiritual qi fluctuations came from her body.

“This is impossible! How could this happen! We are clearly mobilizing the Emperor Artifact Formation, so why does he still have enough spiritual energy?”

“This is impossible. The heavenly materials and earthly treasures that suddenly increased in quality and quantity, the strange materials after that, and the spiritual energy now, how did he do it?”

Li Yuanying, who was somewhat hysterical, shouted and her voice was sharp.

She was like a shrew quarreling in the street.

This had never happened to the grand and graceful leader of the Vast Sea Divine Church.

In Heavenly Star City, Gong Feifan jumped up in excitement.

The fifth ancestor of Heavenly Star City beside him was extremely excited.

“Is this the existence from beyond the Emperor Realm that Heavenly Star Emperor mentioned?”

“No matter if Hidden Edge Emperor has surpassed the Emperor Realm or not, he is definitely not an ordinary Emperor!”

Gong Feifan was unable to describe his feelings.

“Previously, when the Heavenly Star Emperor lectured me, I was still a little unconvinced. Now, it seems that an Emperor is truly an Emperor!”

“Of course. After all, she is the founder of our Heavenly Star City and the most powerful Emperor in history! Her words are definitely correct.”

Gong Feifan did not expose the fifth ancestor, because he was also extremely excited.

As if he suddenly thought of something, Gong Feifan’s expression changed.

“That… Fifth ancestor, with the Hidden Edge Emperor’s strength and Heavenly Star Emperor’s description of his realm, the Heavenly Star Emperor is no longer the strongest Emperor, right?”

As soon as he said this, the fifth ancestor’s expressions changed.

Heavenly Star City had always considered themselves as the strongest Emperor inheritance force.

Now that the Hidden Edge Emperor had accepted the Heavenly Star Emperor as his disciple and his own strength was so immense, his strength must have far surpassed the Heavenly Star Emperor’s.

This broke the inherent understanding between the two of them.

However, after looking at each other for a long time, they suddenly felt that this matter was not that difficult to accept.

“This, after all, the Hidden Edge Emperor is the Heavenly Star Emperor’s master in this life. We are still a family.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, a family, a family!”

Hidden Edge Sect, Reclining Firewood Peak.

The crack in the Giant Pillar quickly closed.

As the spiritual energy became more and more abun

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