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Chapter 133: Yu Tianxing Who Comprehended Laws, Wu Yunfei’s Discovery

Heavenly Mortal World, Hidden Edge Sect.

Yu Tianxing excitedly came to Ye Changge to show off.

“Master! Due to the restoration of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar, heaven and Earth began to develop anew, my cultivation speed has greatly increased!”

Ye Changge looked at his third disciple and smiled.

Everything was according to his expectations.

After all, Yu Tianxing was intelligent and had the memories of her previous life. Her speed of recovering her cultivation had always been fast.

Now that the laws of heaven and Earth were clearer and the spiritual energy was abundant, she had a better environment for cultivation.

“Comprehending the laws of the world is a good thing. However, Tianxing, don’t you think that the laws of heaven and Earth in the Mortal World are too ordinary?”

As an ordinary world, the development of the Mortal World was relatively slow.

However, this world had great potential.

The quasi-emperors from the outer realms were all shocked by the number of Great Emperors that appeared in the Mortal World.

Fortunately, Ye Changge appeared here. Otherwise, the Mortal World would definitely be enslaved by the people of the Blood Flame Sect.

Hearing his words, Yu Tianxing was stunned.

“Well, master, as a world, the Heavenly Mortal World has produced so many Great Emperors. How can its laws be ordinary?”

After thinking for a moment, Yu Tianxing continued, “Furthermore, it’s impossible for me to go to other worlds, and I have no way to comprehend other laws of heaven and Earth.”

Hearing this, Ye Changge smiled slightly.

He pointed at Reclining Firewood Peak, his expression unfathomable.

“Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, as the 33rd cave heaven, it is a top-grade cave heaven blessed land. It is currently in its development stage, you can fully comprehend this.”

Yu Tianxing was shocked.

She looked at Ye Changge in disbelief.

After a long time, she asked hesitantly, “Master, the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven is a world?”

This completely exceeded the limits of her imagination.

There had always been people who relied on the world to survive.

When did a person have a world?

“Master, you mean that you have a world? A world that is much more powerful than the Mortal World?”

Ye Changge smiled.

“The Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven is not just a simple world. It is a very magical existence. Compared to it, the Mortal World is like a small ordinary sand dune, like a spiritual mountain.”

Ye Changge’s analogy completely shocked Yu Tianxing.

When she was at her strongest, she founded the Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty and suppressed a generation.

However, in the face of the Giant Pillar, she was still like a child.

After all, the difference between the Emperor Realm and the God Realm could not be calculated.

The Giant Pillar was the Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World.

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