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Chapter 123: The Battle Had Escalated, and There Was A Gap in the Formation

“Although it’s unfortunate, as long as our plan succeeds, we can all become Great Emperors. This isn’t even our final destination.”

The ten quasi-emperors communicated with each other with ease and attacked.

“This world has limitless potential, but now that we’re here, there’s no future for this world.”

Someone spoke calmly, but his words were cruel.

“Guang Mo is right. As long as we kill this world’s greatest enemy, take control of this world, and suck out all the Earth qi, all possibilities are gone.”

Hearing this, the quasi-emperors’ expressions changed.

“Now that you mention it, their Emperor hasn’t even made a move yet, and we’re already at a draw. If their Emperor uses this array, wouldn’t we be in trouble?”

The quasi-emperors’ expressions changed.

“The array we just tested doesn’t seem to be fully set up. There’s still a gap.”

“Why don’t we find a gap and sneak in? Their array won’t be able to locate us.”

Hearing this, the leader of the quasi-emperors thought for a while and attacked with something else in mind.

After a long while, he shook his head. The battle was getting more and more intense.

“If we enter the formation when we find a crack and the Emperor tries to stop us, we still won’t be able to get in.”

For a moment, the situation was at a stalemate.

The frustrated quasi-emperors were getting more and more powerful as they launched more and more powerful attacks.

Waves of intense shockwaves rang out.

During such a great battle, the Emperor Artifact Formation seemed to be operating more smoothly, and its power grew stronger and stronger.

The lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy, who was controlling the formation in the Heavenly Tower of Legacy, was delighted.

The formation was still growing stronger!

The power of this formation had already exceeded his expectations.

As expected of an Emperor weapon. With so many Emperor weapons working together, its power was enough to pose a threat to Emperors.

“Hidden Edge Emperor! Wait until we defeat these quasi-emperors from the outer realms. Then it’ll be your turn!”

At this moment, the Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s lord was very confident.

With this unexpected performance, he wasn’t the only one who felt the power.

This also made the sacred lords of the sacred lands extremely excited.

Boom! Boom!

The intense bombardment continued.

Just as the attention gradually shifted toward the Emperor Artifact Formation, an accident happened.

One of the quasi-emperors was pleasantly surprised.

“Boss, I found something! There is something that was left behind by our faction in this world! Maybe it can help us break through from the inside!”

The leader of the quasi-emperors had an ugly expression on his face.

“Spit it out!”

“It seems to be a curse-type thing! It’s not our Blood Flame Sect’s way, but it’s

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