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Chapter 126: The Expectant Sect Leader Ding Set Up the Formation

Hidden Edge Sect, main branch.

Sect Leader Ding looked at a jade slip with a serious expression.

According to the report from the messenger disciple, that jade slip had been sent by Bu Yi Zhenren.

To the current Hidden Edge Sect, Bu Yi Zhenren was an extremely important existence.

He was the master of the Hidden Edge Emperor and Ye Changge. His status naturally rose as well.

“It’s Sect Master Ding!”

“Junior, I have traveled the Mortal World and discovered a strange power hidden in the Mortal World. Although I don’t know their purpose, I will still continue to investigate.”

“During my investigation, I discovered the following things.”

“First, there are forces outside the eastern region that have been targeting the Hidden Edge Sect. Although I don’t know their specific intentions, it’s worth being wary of.”

“According to my investigation, this force might be related to our sect’s archenemy, the Asura Ghost Region, from a few thousand years ago.”

“After a few days of investigation, I’ve discovered that their target is probably related to the surviving underground clan.”

“I’m still investigating the specifics of the situation, but I can be sure that they are our enemies. If we succeed, I’m afraid we’ll be in great trouble.”

“Younger brother had a fortuitous encounter. He knew a bit about formations, feng shui, and the exploration of earth veins. I discovered a big secret during the exploration.”

“Under our sect, only one of the most powerful formations in the world is buried. It concerns the remains of the underground clan. I don’t know the specifics of the situation, but the sect leader must be on guard.”

“Brother, during the exploration process, I found traces of the great calamity.”

“I came across an underground passage and came to a strange place underground. Here, I discovered the ruins of an ancient sect. There are many records here.”

“According to my judgment, I’m afraid that there will be a great calamity in the Mortal World soon. As a member of the Heavenly Mortal World, as a member of the Hidden Edge Sect, I am afraid that it would be difficult for even me to remain unscathed. I have to inform the outside world of this news.”

“Finally, this underground force even recorded the invasion of experts from the outer realms.”

“It seems that every once in a while, every ten thousand years, or a thousand years, our Heavenly Mortal World will be attacked by the outside world.”

“In these troubled times, Sect Master Wanwang Ding withstood the pressure. Our Hidden Edge Sect is united and we will overcome the difficulties together. Your junior will continue to investigate.”

“After my journey underground, I heard that a Great Emperor appeared in our Hidden Edge Sect. This is a good omen for the gathering of storms. If I return after completing the mission, please introduce me to the sect master.”

“I ha

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