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Chapter 140: The World Had Changed

Wang Baili thought of the earthquake and his face turned pale.

He muttered to himself, “Could it be an earthquake? The disaster this time didn’t come from the sky, but from the sea?”

Hearing his words, Xu Tian trembled with fear.

After all, everyone had seen the meteorites that had fallen from the sky.

What if the same thing happened in West Ocean, too far away from the eastern region, and the Hidden Edge Emperor did not have time to act.

Similar things happened in the eastern region, southern region, central region, and northern region.

Whether it was the Heavenly Tower of Legacy or the Wan Xiang Sect.

Whether it was the Vast Sea Divine Church or Wen Xin Dao.

None of these sacred lands had received any news.

They could not make any plans against Ye Changge right now.

After all, without his consent, it was impossible for others to plot against him.

Unless that existence surpassed the Divine Spirit Realm by too much.

With caution, many experts, at least those above the Tribulation Transcendent Realm, set off.

They either sent out their vital Gu worms and spirit beasts or personally rushed towards the nearest source of the tremors.

It was also at this time that Ye Changge smiled.

“As expected, there are other things in the sky of the Heavenly Mortal World.”

A long time ago, when he accepted Yu Tianxing as his disciple, he had already noticed the problem.

At that time, the Heavenly Mortal World was clearly silent and the Giant Pillar was in a deep slumber, but the sky was filled with killing intent.

At that time, Ye Changge had the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar inform the will of the Heavenly Dao and ended that calamity.

However, he also discovered that there was a problem in the sky of the Heavenly Mortal World.

It seemed that there were many things that did not belong to the Heavenly Mortal World that resided among the countless stars.

It was very normal for a world to have stars in the sky.

No wonder it did not attract the attention of others.

Following that, the extraterrestrial devils attacked. Ye Changge knew that the entire Heavenly Mortal World still hid things of extraterrestrial forces.

Curse element. He still remembered this name.

Since there was a curse element, there would naturally be other elements.

“The Myriad Flowers World is because of the extraterrestrial devils. Although the Heavenly Mortal World isn’t surrounded by an extraterrestrial devil world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any incoming enemies.”

As he thought to himself, Ye Changge stared at the starry sky very seriously.

As expected, as the array formation was set up, countless stars suddenly exploded.

They were countless strange-looking creatures.

“As expected, extraterrestrial devils.”

“Looks like I’ve restricted my vision to the interior of the Mortal World. Now, I’ll have to carefully inspect

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