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Chapter 131: Mission, Passage

“It seems that the long-awaited mission has arrived. I just don’t know where to recruit those disciples from.”

Ye Changge recalled that he still had Wu Yunfei in the Myriad Flowers World who he had yet to take in as a disciple. His heart ached slightly.

After all, this disciple was in another world. The distance between the Heavenly Mortal World and the Myriad Flowers World was too great.

Even if he had a way to directly affect the other world through the waterfall, he had no way to get him here.

“Could it be that I can teach him from afar? I wonder if the system allows this kind of operation.”

Just as Ye Changge was thinking, a message came.

He sensed something. Ye Changge saw the meandering waterfall in front of him.

“Respected Emperor! The cultivators of the Myriad Flowers World wish to watch you set up the array, and we wish to report this to you, Emperor.”

Ye Changge was somewhat puzzled.

“Watch me set up the array? Why aren’t the artifact masters and array masters of your Myriad Flowers World watching?”

“Respected Emperor, the sect master of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror watched you set up the array, comprehended the laws, and successfully broke through, cultivating their sect’s secret technique.”

As soon as he said this, Ye Changge understood what he meant.

It was definitely the same as the Heavenly Mortal World. There were cultivators there who had comprehended the laws of the Great Dao by watching him set up the array formation.

Once such a thing was spread out, there would definitely be a lot of people who wanted to watch it together.

No one wanted to be left behind.

Once someone could enjoy such privilege, they would not be worried about the balance of power.

“Tell me the details.”

Upon hearing Ye Changge’s question, the Five Elements Sect’s master, who was the representative of the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path, began to explain everything.

After Ye Changge heard the whole story clearly, he was moved.

“Devil cultivator? Demon clan?”

Everything corresponded.

“What a headache. Wu Yunfei, who I thought highly of before, is already a member of the Myriad Flowers World. I did not expect that there would be two other disciples now.”

After pondering for a moment, Ye Changge planned to wait until he succeeded in refining the World Barrier before starting to solve the problem of movement between the two worlds.

After he was done thinking, he looked at the perturbed Five Elements Sect’s master opposite him and nodded.

“You can have all of those cultivators watch me set up the array. There is one condition.”

“Emperor, say it! After receiving such a favor from you, we will definitely…”

“In the future, I estimate that I will go to the Myriad Flowers World to investigate. On one hand, I will increase my strength, and on the other hand, I will increase my knowledge. You guys think of a way to improve the c

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