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Chapter 129: The Ambitious Bu Yi Zhenren and the Jealous Cultivator of the Myriad Flowers World

Bu Yi Zhenren continued to read the information in the jade slip.

He was already able to control his emotions.

“This disciple of mine is really amazing.”

As he read, Bu Yi Zhenren was shocked.

He was actually very strong, and had already reached the Tribulation Realm.

In addition to the opportunities he had obtained from traveling around, Bu Yi Zhenren’s combat strength and potential were very strong.

He thought that he would be the first disciple of this generation to break through the Tribulation Transcendent Realm to the Entry Saint Realm.

But now, he knew a piece of news that shocked him.

His only disciple, Ye Changge, had become an Emperor.

Not only that, a large number of experts had appeared among the group of vassals he had brought to the sect.

There was actually a quasi-emperor!

And not just an ordinary quasi-emperor, but a quasi-emperor of the Qi Huang clan. His combat strength was formidable.

There were actually as many as fifteen experts of the upper three realms.

What kind of concept was this?

This was more than all the upper three realms experts in the ordinary sacred land.

Even Heavenly Star City did not have so many experts.

Of course, the reason why Heavenly Star City had fallen to such a state was because there were disciples cultivating evil techniques and devouring bloodlines.

But this was enough to prove the strength of the upper three realms’ experts.

With so many powerful cultivators in the Hidden Edge Sect, not only did they have the existence of an Emperor in terms of the strongest combat strength, but they also had a great advantage in the upper three realms and the middle three realms.

Following upper three realms, they also had a great advantage in the comparison of the middle three realms.

“What these old bones of mine have achieved is really nothing compared to the this disciple of mine.”

With a sigh, Bu Yi Zhenren continued to check.

He had already calmed down a lot.

With such an outstanding disciple, what was there to be dissatisfied about?

“A teacher doesn’t have to be good to a disciple. A disciple doesn’t have to be inferior to a teacher!”

After the introduction of the underground descendants, the jade slip recorded the situation of the Asura Ghost Region.

The former great enemy of the Hidden Edge Sect could only become a subsidiary force and accept the control of the Hidden Edge Sect.

Bu Yi Zhenren sighed to himself.

“The world is unpredictable. who could have predicted that the Asura Ghost Region would keep an eye on the Hidden Edge Sect? Now, I realize that the problem has been solved.”

All the records came to an end, and what followed was about the great calamity.

“According to the Great Emperor’s deductions, there are many forms of the great calamity.”

“It could be another world colli

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