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Chapter 315: The Show Was About to Begin. Mu Batian Had Arrived

Elder Qingfeng said respectfully, “Mu Wufa was beaten up by three people because he took a fancy to a woman.”

When his subordinates were fighting, someone had reported the whole incident to him.

Initially, the Star Pavilion forbade fighting, but one of the women had defeated Hei Feng.

It was a crushing victory.

Because of their nature, it was not good for them to fight. If these three people could defeat the Mu family’s arrogance, they would be willing to see it, so they did not stop them.

“Mu Wufa?”

The mysterious purple-clothed woman frowned.

She was also extremely disgusted with this person. If it were not for the restrictions of some treaties, she would have directly killed him.

However, to her surprise.

In the capital city, there was actually someone who did not bother to bow down to the Mu family, and even beat up Mu Wu Fa.

This caused her to immediately become extremely interested.

Elder Qingfeng observed their expressions and had long used the shadow stone to record the three people’s appearances. He directly played it.

This was…

The purple-clothed woman was first attracted by the two people’s appearances.

Among them, Ning Manman and Bai Ao Xian were both extremely beautiful. Even compared to her, they were not inferior.

In this world, she believed that her looks had reached an extreme. Other than the women from the sacred lands, it would be very difficult for anyone to surpass her.

But at this moment, she realized how wrong she was.

These two women, no matter which one, were not inferior to her.

More importantly, these two women were centered around the middle-aged man. He only discovered one detail after looking at the entire shadow carving stone.

When Ning Manman was about to strike but was unable to do so, she glanced at Ye Changge. It was because of this that she felt that this man was truly their leader.

More importantly…

These two women were both mid-stage Great Emperors.

This was already the peak of the heavenly capital’s achievements.

This was also the reason why Elder Qingfeng did not make a move. If he offended a large faction, it would be considered a loss.

More importantly, he could not see the man’s cultivation level. This was the reason why he was truly afraid.

Even with his mid-stage Great Emperor cultivation level, he could not see the man’s cultivation level.

“Elder Qingfeng, what do you think?”

The purple-robed woman asked.

Elder Qingfeng was stunned. He knew that she was asking about the man who had always been as calm as the wind. He was truly shocked.

Since the woman asked this, it meant that she could not see through the man’s cultivation level either. Could it be that the man’s cultivation level was even higher than their young miss’s?

After all, the young miss was the saintess of the Star Pavilion. Her status was noble, and he

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